Sep 21, 2021

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Call for Peace: More than two dozens local civil society orgs call for cessation of hostilities, deescalate conflicts and war propaganda in Ethiopia

A collective of 24 local civil society organizations has called for peace in Ethiopia in connection with the Ethiopian New Year, which is celebrated on September 11th.

This is the first time that a collective of local civil society Organizations come together to bring about peace, including cessation of hostilities, in the ongoing civil war in Ethiopia, and to argue that “the causes that initially sparked the conflict cannot be sustainably resolved through war and violence,” suggesting similar demands from the international community Community in the past repeated months.

The collective also urged “all civil society organizations in our country to focus on conflict transformation activities and comprehensive efforts to build peace and reconciliation.”

The call also warned that the current conflict in Ethiopia, if not resolved toppt, can lead to the “total collapse of the country” If efforts are initiated soon, this could lead to the total collapse of the country. “

Our country Ethiopia is in Tigray, Amhara, southern and western Oromia facing a complex crisis. Somali, Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz and southern nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia due to the rapidly expanding conflicts. Many unarmed civilians were killed as a result of the emerging conflict; Hundreds of thousands are displaced. In many parts of the country, civilians are at the mercy of life-saving humanitarian aid.

Our children, women and the elderly remain particularly vulnerable, including gender-based violence and other rights violations. Our economy is also affected by the conflicts and we have seen extensive destruction of the civil infrastructure in many parts of the country. Our efforts to establish traditional mediation procedures have not been in vain either. In addition, the crisis has also undermined our social fabric and affected not only our current relationships as a society, but also our future together.

We, the undersigned local CSOs, come together to address this call write for peace and cessation of hostilities for the following reasons:

  1. The root causes of the conflict are not resolved sustainably by war and violence. Even if you believe otherwise, it costs the general public a lot.
  2. The situation of the unarmed civilians is so close that they cannot wait. The conflict has mainly hit vulnerable groups in society such as women and girls, children and the elderly.
  3. The enormous impact that the conflicts are having and will continue to have on young people in Ethiopia are many, including but not limited to not limited to the violation of internationally recognized human rights. The ongoing conflict will also have a negative impact on the achievement of the sustainable development goals the country seeks to achieve. The conflicts will help slow the efforts already made by governments and other stakeholders in the country.
  4. The conflict is currently spreading to different places and if peacemaking efforts are not started soon, it could become worse Country collapse.
  5. The conflicts could easily turn into a regional conflict and spread to other countries in the Horn of Africa. In addition, the country experienced enormous destruction of civil infrastructure due to the ongoing crisis. Indeed, this redirects existing resources to rebuild such infrastructures. Such investments, if expanded to other sectors, could easily alleviate the country’s poverty. The conflicts exacerbate the already existing conditions in the country, especially in the financial sector.
  6. The conflict has the potential to damage our existing social fabric and values ​​and must be ended with a view to protecting these values ​​for present and future generations .
  7. It was a challenge to end the ongoing conflict in the country. Given the existence of indigenous and customary peacebuilding and reconciliation mechanisms / instruments / structures, we firmly believe that such indigenous platforms must be given a chance to resolve the current crisis in the country. It is time for political actors to give these local initiatives a chance.
  8. Given the African Union Commission’s Arms Decommissioning 2020 Campaign, the conflict goes against all those set out in the campaign Objectives and runs counterproductive.
  9. Local human rights organizations face challenges in documenting and monitoring human rights violations in various parts of the country due to the destruction of civil infrastructure and security concerns.

For the above reasons we are the undersigned local civil society
Society organizations calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities
and urge all civil society organizations in our country to join
Activities of conflict transformation and engagement in
comprehensive peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts.

In order for our call to peace to be successful, we call on all parties to the conflict in all parts of Ethiopia to cease hostilities, de-escalate conflict and war propaganda, and agree peace talks, and protect security and unity of the masses, the peace and the sovereignty of our country.

The undersigned local CSOs promise to contribute to the above-mentioned efforts to the peaceful resolution of ongoing conflicts and to take an active part in a comprehensive process of peacebuilding and reconciliation. < / p>

  1. Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations (CEHRO)
  2. Center for Advancement of Rights and Democracy (CARD)
  3. East African Initiative for Change (I4C)
  4. Lawyers for Human Rights
  5. Setaweet Movement
  6. Editors Guild of Ethiopia
  7. Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia
  8. Initiative Africa
  9. Family Service Association
  10. International Rev ival Movement
  11. Center for National and Regional Integration Studies (CeNRIS)
  12. Ethiopian Lawyers Association (EWLA)
  13. Ethiopian Center for Human Rights Defenders
  14. TIMRAN
  15. Center for Justice
  16. Center of Interest
  17. Good Governance for Africa – East Africa
  18. Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations (NEWA)
  19. Interafrica Group
  20. Gate for Opportunity
  21. New Millennium
  22. Integrative vision for the Democratic Ethiopia
  23. Ethiopia Initiative for Human Rights
  24. Ethiopian Media Women’s Association