Dec 9, 2021

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Command post cautions against establishment of transitional gov’t, unauthorized dissemination of martial intelligence

The emergency command said in a statement: “Measures will be taken against those who have activities to form a transitional government or some other form of administration outside of. give in to the constitutional framework “. It also prohibited the transmission of information about military activities and hostilities by anyone, including civilian and military personnel, who were not authorized by the command post. The state of emergency declared on November 11th warned the media against “providing direct or indirect support to terrorist groups” using freedom of expression as an excuse. “The current agenda of all Ethiopians is to save their country,” the statement said, adding: “Every thought and activity must not defy this goal.” In addition, the command post warned, without naming, those trying to form a transitional government.

In the statement on the assessment of the implementation of the emergency regulations, the operations management announced instructions to step up the implementation of the regulations and to remove obstacles.

The Command Post noted that people wearing the uniforms of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), federal and regional police and special forces were some of the obstacles in the implementation of the emergency regulations. The battle site authorized the security forces to take action against persons who are not members of the security forces and who are wearing these uniforms but are not carrying a renewed membership card.