Sep 20, 2021

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Defense Force calls on Tigrayan youth, militia to “surrender peacefully”

– The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) today issued a statement calling on the Tigrayan youth and militia, allegedly used by the T.P.L.F “as instruments to destroy Ethiopia”, to surrender peacefully. The army also urged the youth and militia to “stop being victims of” TPLF’s “aimless war”.

The ENDF accused the TPLF leaders as “some terrorist leaders” brought down by “the Greed for power “and which the people of Tigray vainly sacrifice to escape the rule of law.

It is also alleged that the TPLF leaders“ confuse and force people to use false propaganda to make them hostile to the “neighboring states and the Ethiopian people in general.

The statement goes on to say that the ENDF” patiently “appeals to the people of Tigray, especially the youth and the militias, because she is “concerned about the destructive path of the terrorists” like the rest of the Ethiopian people. “

The statement mentioned a long list of injustices by the TPLF, which it accused of being determined to” rule out power. ” to make it their eternal inheritance ”, but they fell apart from the“ Äth Destroy iopia ”and want to destroy oneself.

“ Therefore, young people and militias from Tigray stop falling victim to an aimless war. Take a break to think about stopping the terrorist group’s futile war that will end in defeat, “said ENDF.

The Army continues to assure that” if you surrender peacefully to the armed forces ” Fronts, the Army will take you in, take care of you, treat you when you are injured and allow you to live peacefully with your families. ”

The ENDF is making this appeal because of the nature of its behavior for the public good and its camaraderie with the people of Tigray, the statement said, adding that the army would give “guarantees for their lives” if the youth and militiamen of Tigrayan could heed the call.