Jul 28, 2021

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Egypt, Sudan start ‘Nile Protectors’ joint military exercise; Ethiopia says second filling on schedule

– The final preparations for the start of the joint Sudanese-Egyptian military training exercise entitled “Protection of the Nile”, which is to take place in Sudan between May 26th and 31st of this year, were completed yesterday

The report revealed that personnel from all disciplines and classes of both militaries will be participating in the exercise. The report also revealed that Egyptian forces participating in the exercise, along with convoys of ground forces and vehicles arriving by sea, arrived at Khartoum Air Base with a series of joint training exercises between the two countries, followed by two exercises with an extension Nile Eagles 1 and 2, all aiming to share military expertise, improve cooperation and standardize working methods to address the expected threats to the two countries, according to the report.

This latest development is due to the fact that tensions between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) have peaked after none in Kinshasa last month Agreement had been reached. The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said Egypt and Sudan were responsible for the failure of the negotiations in a press release released shortly after the agreements and reiterated its position in support of a trilateral process that would restore ownership of the countries and the integrity of the AU – Led the process and committed to working towards the completion of the trilateral process.

Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said during a meeting with diplomats, intellectuals and members of the GERD negotiating team: “The second appointment of the GERD is being carried out as planned and by the National Scientific Research Group (NISRG) of the three countries agreed. ”

The Deputy Prime Minister was confident in the role of the AU facilitated the negotiations and brought the process to a successful conclusion. Reaffirming Ethiopia’s belief in the principle of finding African solutions to African problems, she added: “Egypt an d Sudan seeks to put unnecessary pressure on Ethiopia in a number of ways, including internationalization and politicization of technical issues that increase trust between the only undermine three countries. “He concluded by hoping that the tripartite negotiations would result in a mutually beneficial agreement, adding that the riparian states should have been part of the consultation as the river basin is a common resource.