Dec 9, 2021

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EHRC warns against communal violence in East Wollega, Horoguduru zones, calls for permanent deployment of security forces, immediate assistance to IDPs

The Ethiopian Commission on Human Rights (EHRC) issued a statement warning that the repeated attacks on civilians in various woreda in the East Wollega and Horogudru zones could lead to local violence unless the government “immediately” and ” permanently ‘deploy security forces’.

The Commission recalled its recent statement of 24 September 2021, in which it called on regional and federal security forces to work together to reopen closed roads and ensure the safety of the To ensure citizens. According to the statement, the Oromia region security chiefs told the commission that OLF / Shane (a term used by the government to refer to the Oromo Liberation Army) killed civilians in Haro city after Oromia Special left Armed Forces.

“After the murder of civilians by OLF / Shane (a government term used for the Oromo Liberation Army) in Haro City, an informal one organized armed group from the region and neighboring regions launched an attack in which many civilians were killed, “the statement reads.

The statement also states that on August 18th 2021 civilians in Umuru in Horogudru Zone were killed by woreda residents alleged to have armed themselves to defend themselves. Stressing that the attacks were ethnic targets, the commission said: “These attacks alternated between the Oromo and Amhara communities as tensions and fears of communal violence between the two communities increase.” />

Citing the local administration, the commission announced that a total of 43,139 internally displaced persons from Gudaya Bila, Limu, Kiramu, Leqa Dualcha, Diga Woredas in the East Wollega zone and Umuru Woerda in the Horogudru zone fled be. “The roads leading to these areas are closed to prevent the transport of basic needs to the internally displaced.”

EHRC Commissioner Daniel Bekele (PhD) stressed that the Attacks after the withdrawal are made by security forces from the area, saying: “Security forces must be deployed permanently in the areas until the civilian population is safe and the conflict turns into local violence.” Daniel also called for immediate humanitarian aid for those through the Conflict displaced persons.

Last week a report was confirmed by Addis Standard , which was later confirmed by the Oromia Region Communications Office, that OLF / Shane and Amhara militias who operate in the area launched attacks on civilians in Kiramu Woreda in the East wollga zone. The residents of Kirmau Woreda, members of both communities and a community leader said that local violence broke out on October 10, 2021, which claimed the lives of many and forced people to flee their homes.