Dec 9, 2021

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INSA urges local/foreign institutions, embassies, diplomats, public/private security agencies to re-register communication equipment in 15 days

– The Information Network Security Agency (INSA) said in a statement that individuals, security agencies, embassies, diplomats, local and overseas institutions should re-register within 15 days of communication devices that are part of a “necessary precautionary measure” the threat to the very existence of Ethiopia, the threat to its territorial integrity and sovereignty. “

The INSA said while using the information and communication equipment in the country in accordance with the powers and responsibilities of the. registered and monitored Proclamation was able, based on the current status, to re-register these devices in order to “prevent them from being used by terrorists and their accomplices”.

“We therefore urge everyone , Institution, embassy or diplomat, public or private security agency, importers and exporters who are involved in the communication and communication devices listed below must notify the Information Network Security Agency within. 15 days. “

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• Binoculars • Compass • GPS device


• Walkie-talkies radio • Satellite phone



INSA also urged “anyone who has seen the use of these communication devices in the hands of individuals or institutions” to contact the agency.