Nov 28, 2021

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Ministry of Finance to reshuffle annual budget to enhance saving

The Treasury Department announced yesterday that it is restructuring this year’s budget to save government spending. The ministry and its affiliates yesterday released their performance report for the first quarter of the fiscal year as well as the next 100-day plan. At the event, Treasury Secretary Ahmed Shide said the ministry would work to use public funds for its intended purpose: “The main role of the ministry will be to restructure the budget and ensure its effective use by avoiding mispending.” >

Ahmed pointed out that the income from foreign sources may not reach the target. He urged them to focus on tax collection instead. In discussing projects and programs that the government is currently focusing on, the minister suggested that it is important to implement them after prioritizing them based on their importance.

The minister praised the performance of the Ministry and its. institutions affiliated in the first quarter and called for an efficient and cost-effective implementation of the 100-day plan on the basis of the new government structure.

The Minister of State of the Ministry of Finance, Eyob Tekalign (PhD), for his part, emphasized the need to focus on reform projects focus and perform better to meet the needs of the community. Semerita Sevasev, the country’s Minister of Economic Cooperation, pointed out the need to provide capacity-building training to the Ministry’s staff and asked for a better audit trail.

The Ministry of Finance and its affiliates attended Consensus was reached in the quarterly annual performance evaluation and the creation of a 100-day plan to strengthen the presentation of employee reports, public property procurement, audit results, budget use and other key functions of the ministry.