Sep 20, 2021

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Ministry suspends more than 80,000, revokes 520 licenses & sues 2,230 businesses; issues warning against price hiking

– The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that it has taken action against more than 80,641 companies that have improperly raised prices and engaged in illegal activities.

The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) quoted the Communications advisor to the Minister of Commerce and Industry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Wondatir Mekonnen, said: “Measures are being taken against companies involved in illegal activities to undo the success of the law enforcement campaign.”

Loud To Wondatir: “Action will be taken against those who support the ‘terrorist group’ by covering up dollars and products and engaging in inappropriate and inappropriate price increases.”

He said 80,641 companies have been suspended, 520 companies have their licenses revoked and 2,230 companies have been sued.

“The government will not tolerate those who go without economic reasons or supply problems are implicated in money laundering, especially during the current law. Enforcement camera paign, ” said Wondatir.

He said a task force led by the Department of Commerce and Industry, consisting of the Federal Police Commission, the Information and Security Agency, the Finance and Customs agency established and all parties involved to take legal action against those who cause artificial price increases.

Addis Standard Attempts to contact the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for further explanations were unsuccessful .