Dec 9, 2021

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News update: Fed. court orders release of woman accused of involvement in the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa

Today the Federal Court of Justice, Second Constitutional and Anti-Terrorism Authority, ordered the release of Lamrot Kemal on bail of 5,000 ETB. The Supreme Court cassation bank previously cited Article 113, Sub-Article 2, in order to convert the terrorism allegations made against it. The charge was commuted to a negligent crime, which enabled Lamrot to bring a defense under Article 575 of the Criminal Code.

Earlier on October 21, the 2nd Cassation Bank of the Federal Supreme Court decided to commute the charges against the accused Lamrot Kamal, a woman, was one of four suspects on trial for alleged involvement in the Hachalu murder. She was the fourth defendant in the Hachalu Hundessa murder case and was acquitted by the Federal Supreme Court of terrorism related to the artist’s murder on February 25, 2021. However, the prosecutor appealed to a federal Supreme Court , who ordered hearings on the case for months and ruled that the prosecutor had no evidence of terrorism charges against them at the Federal Court of Justice, Lideta Branch, to make the final decision.

Lamrot is the only witness who was with Hachalu on the night of his murder. She was briefly arrested and released in the first week of July 2020, but was arrested again a month later. where the prosecution has brought charges of conspiracy to murder the artist.

At today’s hearing, her lawyer requested bail under Article 575 of the Criminal Code, which also gives her the opportunity to defend herself. The court therefore gave Lamrot a bail of ETB 5,000 and adjourned the hearing to December 2nd and 3rd to allow her to present a positive defense.