Dec 9, 2021

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OFC calls for establishment of interim gov’t; negotiation towards all-inclusive transitional gov’t

The Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) issued a statement yesterday reiterating its call for a peaceful solution to an avoidable war raging across the country. In its statement, the OFC listed steps that should be taken immediately to save the country from disintegration and the entire region from possible destabilization, including the immediate formation of a transitional government for a period of 3-6 months with a mandate for Maintaining the law and order, drawing up a common roadmap and facilitating the national dialogue processes. During the interim administration mandate, all parties will begin negotiations to form an all-encompassing interim government, which will last 18 months. No key stakeholder should be excluded from these negotiations, the OFC said.

Recalling the latest press release, “Just honest, genuine and all-encompassing national dialogue can find a solution
the country’s political crisis “
announced on October 25, 2021, and even
beyond the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) has repeatedly been called for and
appealed to the current ruling party and its leaders to change the course of the
present dangerous path to destruction and its political impasse, the
has pushed the country to the brink of possible disintegration. For the judgment
The party and its leaders are not brave enough to take concrete positive action
Dangers threaten the land of Ethiopia. To face the impending danger, we have
hereby again emphatically affirm that a peaceful solution is a panacea for the
current Ethiopian crises.

Based on the assumption of power by Prime Minister Abiy
Ahmed in 2018 after 27 years of authoritarian one-party rule, Ethiopian in
in general, and the Oromo people in particular, have become hopeful
successful democratic transition through honest and genuine national dialogue
leading the country to lasting peace, democratic governance and
meaningful economic development, which in turn millions of ours
Citizens out of poverty. However, the incumbent government quickly followed suit to comply
his ambition for one-party rule that the chance for real
democratic transformation that has dashed the hopes of millions of people
dreams of freedom and democracy.

Our party OFC took every opportunity to work with the
Ruling party to draw up a joint roadmap for a smooth transition. Our efforts to
help the ruling party to move on the right track to reduce the risk of
Safety of our members who are arrested en masse from which they must flee
their loved ones, beaten and even shot just because they disagreed with the path
the government voted.

Unfortunately the government’s response to all of our peaceful requests
was the closure of almost all of our party offices across the country, except for one
three, in addition to pushing OFC out of the ill-conceived 2021 elections
hosted by illegitimate electoral processes that resulted in the usual “I won”
99% or 100% of the vote ”tradition we witnessed from Ethiopia’s past
Dictators or elsewhere in Africa. As a result, Ethiopia is in a critical position today
Crossing the uncertainty that has forced us to consider the following points as
Alternative to the solution. Certainly an avoidable war is raging everywhere
Land that consumes the lives of tens of thousands and brings misery to tens of thousands
of millions. And more than ever in the history of our country is the war
not limited to armed factions, but also ordinary citizens without any real training
for war or have no knowledge of the international rules of war effort
become active actors of horror.

After assessing the ongoing bloodbath in the country and
the potential for an all against all war, the end result of which cannot be
predicts, urges our party to take the following steps immediately
to save our people from civil war, our country from disintegration and the
entire region facing possible destabilization.

  1. We demand the immediate establishment of an interim
    Government chaired by a person accepted by the major
    Stakeholders who have worked with a
    Order to maintain law and order, carry out the establishment of a joint
    Roadmap and facilitate the national dialogue processes.
  2. We call on all warring parties to have a
    Armistice immediately. An end to hostilities including deployment
    unhindered humanitarian access to feed the hungry, care for the sick,
    enable the displaced to return to their homes and restore basic services
    to all areas. This includes a complete rejection of all requests
    Violence and hate speech in all forms.
  3. All political prisoners in different prisons and
    Prisons must be released immediately.
  4. During the term of the interim administration, everyone must
    Parties will negotiate the formation of an all-encompassing one
    Transitional government scheduled to last 18 months. No major
    Stakeholders will be excluded from these negotiations.
  5. The all-encompassing transitional government will be one
    Transitional charter, including all necessary economic measures
    Stabilization and recovery and conclusion of the national dialogue
    Processes to Determine the Future of Ethiopia. The interim administration
    ends his mandate by organizing “free, fair and credible” elections.
  6. Like the ongoing civil war
    the economy of our country is destroyed and millions are threatened with starvation,
    We call on the international community to support the new transitional arrangement
    by providing diplomatic, financial and material support to
    the way the new interim government works to ensure security
    as well as the well-being of our citizens.

In summary, OFC calls on all Ethiopians, the international community and the warring parties to hear our voice and work together to save lasting peace and stability in our country. In this regard, the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) strongly reiterates its support for any real and honest political solution that contributes to the redemption of Ethiopia. Shipping