Dec 9, 2021

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PM Abiy providing leadership from battlefield; Deputy PM Demeke in charge of gov’t routine activities: Communication Minister

– Minister for Government Communications, Dr. Legesse Tulu said today in the Office’s daily briefing to the state media that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been leading the armed forces at the forefront since yesterday.

Minister Legesse also said that Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister who carries out routine day-to-day governance responsibilities.

According to the Minister, other government officials, including those in leadership positions, and the people of Ethiopia have joined the survival campaign and are working together to eradicate the TPLF because there is nothing better than Ethiopia, said Dr. Legesse on Prime Minister’s Decision to Re-launch the Campaign -line, which is a testament to his leadership skills and Ethiopia’s long history of invincibility, has inspired many people to follow in the Prime Minister’s footsteps.

The Minister went on to say this because the war was not just about the guns on the battlefield, it was the responsibility of all citizens to work in diplomacy, economics and other areas. The war against Ethiopia had been waged on several fronts, on the one hand by allied terrorist groups and on the other hand by forces that do not want Ethiopian sovereignty and are determined to withdraw it. To this end, he called on citizens, artists, the media and the diaspora to support the fight to save the country.

The minister accused foreign media of continuing to spread lies, including attributing lies to government agencies . He also accused statements by foreign embassies of failing to reflect the current situation in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s peace is not guaranteed by foreign embassies, he said. The government is aware that some embassies are working to put psychological pressure on Ethiopians and that there have been tendencies for embassies to support the terrorist group. He urged the people of Ethiopia not to be distracted by false rumors and instead focus on the country’s survival.