Dec 8, 2022

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Police detain Terara Netwrok founder and editor-in-chief Tamerat Negera

– Tamrat Negera, editor-in-chief of the Terara network, was taken from his home by police this morning, the YouTube-based media network said in a statement.

“Tamrat became a journalist He was wanted for interrogation and was taken from his apartment this morning at around 10.30 am, ”his wife Selam Belay told Addis Standard . “He was told that he was needed for questioning and then taken to the police station,” said Selam.

Police ransacked his home and office and confiscated any media equipment they said they said were required for information. The devices seized by the police included laptops, computers, audio recorders, flash memories and other media tools, it said.

Journalist Tamrat was taken to the Sostegna Police Commission of the Addis Ababa Police Commission. The police have not yet explained why Tamerat was arrested according to his wife. He declined to comment and referred the matter to the Addis Ababa Police Commission. The multiple attempts by Addis Standard to speak to Commission spokeswoman Commander Fasika Fanta were unsuccessful.