Sep 21, 2021

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The Elders say UNSC “must take action to incentivise” warring parties in Ethiopia “to negotiate a ceasefire”

– Members of the independent group of global leaders better known as The ElderstoldmemberoftheUnitedNationsSecurityCouncil (UNSC) that in Ethiopia’s ten-month-old civil war in Tigray, the council must take action to incentivize the parties to negotiate a ceasefire.


“Ending the fighting is the only way to end the suffering,” said Mary Robinson, chairwoman of The Elders. The group made the call during a briefing to members of the UN Security Council on “Maintaining International Peace and Security – Security Council, 8850th Session,” held on September 7th.

The Elders also recommended also the Security Council, “to consider a visit to Ethiopia and Tigray to draw attention to the conditions on the ground and the urgent need for a political rather than a military solution.”

Comment on the deployment from far widespread sexual violence against women and girls in Tigray, The Elders said that “protecting women and girls must be a top priority as the conflict continues to escalate.”

“The advice was on the severity of the humanitarian.” Crisis and food insecurity that result directly from the conflict, and horrific human rights violations, including the use of sexual violence against women and girls as a weapon of war. ”

The Aufr uf von The Elders has received support from the US government to the UN through its ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. “We support the efforts of the elders to advise Ethiopia,” said Ambassador Linda, reaffirming US support for the appointment of former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo as the African Union’s special envoy for the horn.