Jan 27, 2022

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10-year search for forester Samuel Murathi Njoroge ends with killer’s confession

He was later to host a family reunion at his home in Kiamunyi, Rongai Subdistrict, but was never seen.

For the past 10 years, the family has looked to find him alive with hopes.

The search ended last week with a confession from alleged serial killer Moses Kipchirchir that he killed Mr. Njoroge and buried his remains in a shallow grave in Kaptunga Forest.

His remains were exhumed on Wednesday, December 29th, ending the decades-long search.

Mr. Kipchirchir, who confessed to killing three other people, including his wife, son and lover, revealed the The Mogotio Criminal Police Office gave terrifying details about how he single-handedly carried out the murders.

Regarding the murder of Mr Njoroge, the suspect said he killed the forester when he confronted him in the forest when he was illegally lumbering made coal.

As he led detectives into the thick, dark forest last week, he said that he hacked the conservationist to death before burying him.

Mr Njoroge was born on Dec. March 2012 was reported missing by his superiors in the Koibatek forest station, which prompted the family and the authorities to search for him.

His eldest son Barnabas Njoroge said the family had been in prisons in the forest in vain , Hospitals and even morgues searched for Mr Njoroge.

Last Thursday, Mr Barnabas said the family received a call from Mogotio police to inform them that a man had been in their care To have killed Mr. Njoroge.

“We had looked everywhere for my father in the hope of finding him alive, but unfortunately we were informed by the officials that someone had confessed to the murder and was buried” he said.

The police informed the family that Her r Kipchirchir killed Mr. Njoroge after refusing to accept a bribe of Sh1,200.

Mr. Kipchirchir allegedly threw himself with an ax, split his head and killed him immediately.

< The suspect told police that he killed a ranger and asked them to f Meet with officers from Koibatek and Kibunja Police Stations, where he was reported missing.

Mr Barnabas said that the family was also told that the suspect burned their father’s uniform and buried him naked to hide evidence.

“We wonder why he did this to our father. He could have just followed him to the train station and maybe they could have negotiated. He was a good man, “he said.

He said his father took a three-month basic guard course at Kenya Forestry College in Londiani on March 16, 2007 and was posted to Murang’a North Forest Zone.

He was transferred to Koibatek on May 26, 2011 and only worked there 10 months before he was killed.

Mr Barnabas said the family’s troubles began when his father, who was the only breadwinner, disappeared. He had just finished high school and was hoping to go to college but had to drop out.

He started doing odd jobs to help his mother, Jane Wanjiru, provide for the family.

Ms. Wanjiru, who was a housewife before her husband’s death, also started working on the farms to earn money for her children’s school fees.

Mr Barnabas said his mother died in 2020 after she had battled depression and high blood pressure for a long time. They suspected that their health problems were caused by the disappearance of their husband.

“I had to raise my brothers and sister even though I had my own young family. I cannot neglect them. I just fight and share what little I make odd jobs, “he said.

The family now hopes they will bury their father’s remains. That was her mother’s last wish before she died.

“It’s a relief that we found his remains. We will just bury (her) next to my mother’s grave so that she may rest in peace. She really struggled to look for him in vain, “he said.

The family also wants the government to compensate them, saying that their father died as part of a duty to protect the environment. < / p>