Dec 9, 2021

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2021 had highest extrajudicial killings, disappearances in Kenyan history – report

The police have earned a dubious reputation over the decades for being a source of uncertainty due to their trigger-happy officers. The latest report shows there were 43 extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances in 2021, the worst ever.

Haki Africa, a Mombasa-based human rights organization, said Coast leads the highest number of such cases at 29 The report shows that most of the victims disappeared shortly after their arrest.

Mombasa County has 17, followed by Kwale with nine, Nairobi (seven), Kajiado (four), Lamu (three), while Wajir , Nyeri and Kiambu each had one case.

Haki Africa’s Executive Director Hussein Khalid called on the government to ratify the International Convention against Enforced Disappearances and pass laws banning such activity in Kenya .

He said there is complacency from the security authorities when it comes to enforced disappearances, which leads many to believe they are implicated.

“It’s disappointing that this year the Höc The highest number of disappearances has been recorded, suggesting that the situation is deteriorating as the police do little to address the problem. We hired Home Secretary Fred Matiang’I, who has pledged to come to Coast to listen to the victims, “said Khalid.

” We also work with the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights to provide a continental guideline on how to deal with enforced disappearances. This guideline will then be passed on to countries that are supposed to adopt it, including Kenya. “

Forced disappearances

The organization accused the security authorities of not providing their officers with modern surveillance equipment.


“The enforced disappearances are due to the pressure that the security authorities have to exert, but without the technical experience and the necessary equipment for surveillance. Because of such scenarios, our officers are unable to gather the evidence necessary to successfully convict them in court. So they resort to disappearing, “said Khalid.

He said such behavior is displacing communities from security agencies at a time when they need to work together to fight crime and violent extremism. < / p>

Muslim clergymen and elders in the old town of Lamu held special prayers (dua) over the weekend for the safe return of those who have mysteriously disappeared.

The chairman of the Interfaith Clergy Council of the Coast (CICC), Mohamed Abdulkadir, who chaired the special prayers in Mkunguni Square, accused government agencies of violating the constitution by arresting and detaining people against their will. For the most part, they deny arrests ever took place.

“We want to hear what the government has to say about the cases of those who have mysteriously disappeared in the hands of state authorities . The constitution requires that someone who is wrong be brought to justice rather than just hiding them. We appeal to the government to produce our people, “said Mr. Abdulkadir.

Sheikh Uthuman Khatib called for a cessation of reporting that explicitly links Islam with terrorism, as this is true of both Muslims and Muslims Non-Muslims could fear fears from individuals.

“Islam is about peace. The stereotype that Muslims are the ones associated with terrorism is inappropriate. It creates a hostile perception and attitude towards Muslims in general, “said Khatib.