Feb 7, 2023

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800,000 students to get Covid jab before beginning higher learning

The Ministry of Health will start vaccinating more than 800,000 students who have taken the 2021 Kenyan Secondary Education Certificate (KCSE) exam before entering universities and colleges next month.

Principal Susan Mochache asked the students to get the Covid-19 vaccination while waiting to know which university they will be placed in this month. This is to prevent the spread of the virus in the learning facilities.

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“We are excited to Reach out to the 800,000+ young people who completed their Kenyan Secondary Education Certificate (KCSE) exam in April 2022 and have now joined the community as they wait to be admitted into various colleges.

“As most of them will be attending various colleges by July 2022, we appeal to all their parents and guardians to encourage young adults to get vaccinated before they reach their next level of education,” she said.

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She said only 8.4 million adult Kenyans have been fully vaccinated, 31 per cent of the adult population .

D The Department of Health aims to vaccinate the entire adult population and 50 percent of the youth population aged 15-17 by the end of the year. This means that the vaccination is aimed at secondary school students, as the majority of them are in the 15 to 17 age group.

Health Guidelines

Although some college and university students do so voluntarily have done vaccinated, the ministry has not conducted any campaigns targeting the group.

The recent action targeting the students is not mandatory but will follow health guidelines.

Ms Mochache said targeted vaccinations will reduce cases. “In less than a month, the positivity rate has increased from an average of 0.6 percent per day to 3.6 percent today, with a weekly average of 3.3 percent.”

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The PS said the sharp rise in numbers should worry the country and urgent steps need to be taken to prevent a slide into the crisis that will plague 2020 and 2021 was experienced. Ms Mochache said over 26 million Kenyans remain unvaccinated despite a large supply of vaccines being available.

The Central Placement Service of Universities and Colleges of Kenya closed its portal on Friday and is expected to place students to be announced by the middle of this month. The service opened the system for course revisions on May 20th.