Nov 28, 2021

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AG Kariuki loses bid to suspend sentence against DCI Kinoti

Mr. Kariuki requested that Judge Anthony Mrima suspend the sentence and imminent arrest of Mr. Kinoti pending a decision on his motion to overturn the orders issued on November 18th.

< p class = "align - justify"> But judge Mrima denied the request and based his decision on the type of orders requested by the AG and the history of the dispute.

“Given the nature of the orders requested and the history of the matter, this court believes that all orders will be considered after hearing the motion,” the judge said.

He noted that the AG’s motion was filed one day after the seven-day deadline granted to Mr. Kinoti to face prison authorities and serve his sentence.

The court also found that the AG had filed an appeal on Friday egen had withdrawn the judgment so that he could request an amendment and repeal of the judgment.

non-compliance with orders

Mr. Kinoti has been convicted of failing to comply with orders dated June 21, 2019 to release seven firearms and ammunition from businessman Jimi Wanjigi or the inspector general of the police Hillary Mutyambai should arrest him.

But through the attorney Cecil Miller the AG says that the proceedings for disregard were initiated against the wrong party because the Custody of civil firearms with the Firearms Licensing Board. He says Mr. Kinoti has no role in civil firearms.

“It is only fair that the justice of the law be extended to the DCI by making the orders get abandoned . We submitted to this court instead of appealing. That court has the power to stay. Nothing irregular or illegal, and the court should exercise this discretion in fairness to the claimant, ”said Mr Miller

“In our affidavit we will draw the court’s attention to the disparaging remarks made by the applicant (DCI) regarding the court orders,” said Mr Otieno. < / p>

The court ordered that the application be heard tomorrow (Thursday) at 11.30 a.m.