Dec 9, 2021

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AG seeks to join Sh100m property case of missing Belgian woman

In an application filed with the High Court in Nakuru, the AG is requesting prosecutor Sonia Wanjeri to be subordinated to the successor case filed by Ms. Lesoipa’s attorney Harry Gakinya.

The move follows a stalemate, the went on for months and the lawyer and the police discussed what should become of Mereille’s estate.

Mr Gakinya would like to be able to enforce the will allegedly written by Ms Lesoipa, but the police requested the proceedings to be terminated after he Attorney accused of using forged documents in court.

After the impasse, the court ordered the parties to seek legal advice and come to an agreement on how to proceed.

Justizia Teresia Matheka had advised the police on May 17th to seek legal advice on how to proceed with their application to end the probate proceedings.

But when the matter came up on Monday was mentioned, the court was informed of a motion by the AG for appointment as an interested party.

In the motion, the AG claims to have important information that will help the court resolve the matter. < / p>

Ms. Wanjeri further told the court that the AG intends to file a motion to terminate the proceedings allegedly based on fraud, illegality and non-disclosure of material facts by the attorney.

“It is in the interests of justice and fairness that the applicant as an interested party in this lawsuit imposes, “read the application in part.

According to the AG, the documents used in the case, including the death certificate of Ms. Lessoipa, forged and obtained fraudulently by Mr Gakinya.

The Belgian, who emigrated to Kenya in 1993 after marrying Samburu dancer Emmanuel Lesoipa, went missing in June 2018.

To the time At the time of her disappearance, she lived in Nakuru, where she moved from Maralal, Samburu after divorcing her husband.

The police investigation led to the arrest of Mr. Gakinya, and he was charged with the murder of his wife Lesoipa.

He was charged along with his cousin Lucy Waithera, who was Ms. Lessoipa’s hairdresser and best friend.

The police also confiscated Ms. Lessoipa’s vehicle from Mr. Gakinya.