Oct 4, 2022

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Alarm as more women traffick drugs

More and more women on the coast are entering the drug trade, which in the past was male-dominated.

Sh110 million worth of cocaine was seized from a house in Kisauni last week and subsequently A female suspect arrested is a clear indication that women are upping their game in the trade.

Ms Nuru Murshid Mahfudh, 29, has been linked to drug trafficking after 36,764 grams of cocaine worth Sh110 million were seized in her apartment. Ms Mahfudh joins more than 11 other women facing drug trafficking charges in court.

Charges have been brought against her in courts in Shanzu and Mombasa.

The anti-narcotics -Police officers and their colleagues from the Transnational Organized Crime Unit believe Ms Mahfudh may be working with other women to distribute the substance either inside or outside the country.

Recovery of a passport bearing the name Farid Shaban Athman at the house where the narcotics were found has raised eyebrows among detectives who now believe there may be a network of women working with Ms Mahfudh in the deal.

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When Ms Mahfudh appeared in a court in Shanzu, Anti-Drug Police Unit officer George Odhiambo said she was the K The woman’s accomplices followed.

The detectives were interested in what was contained in the suspect’s two iPhones with which she was found.

The two cell phones It was sent to the Cybercrime Division. Detectives want to know who she communicated with, the nature of the communication, and the deals they made.

“We believe the cellphones contain important information that will help us understand the network of the Identify suspects and accomplices,” the investigator said.

Police also want to know where the accomplices are located.

“The investigation is ongoing. Detectives are still following various leads that could lead to the identification of potential witnesses and the discovery of further evidence,” said Mr. Anthony Musyoka, a prosecutor.

Police also believe that due to the high volume and value of the hard drugs, scales and other devices found in her home, it is clear that the suspect could either be a dealer or be associated with drug dealers.

“Your release, pending investigation, is not in jeopardy not only their lives but could also pose a threat to potential witnesses,” the court heard. Documents filed with the court indicate nine packs of the drugs were found hidden in a TV box and six in a newspaper.

Digital scales found among other items in the suspect’s kitchen include the Evidence to be used against her at trial.

Before Ms. Mahfudh, there was Ms. Fatuma Sicobo Mohamed.

The 40-year-old trafficked 2,466.4 grams worth of heroin more than 7.3 million shillings. Last year she was jailed for life after being found guilty of trafficking in hard drugs.

She has been serving her sentence at Shimo la Tewa Women’s Prison since December 15 and has been fined 22.1 million Sh occupied.


But the mother of three goes down fighting.

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She appealed the life sentence and asked the court to release her.

Ms Asma Abdalla was charged with the same offense last year. She faced charges along with Swaleh Yussuf Ahmed and Suleiman Salim.

Similarly, Tanzanian national Ms Jumanne Maimuna Amir was arrested last year and charged with trafficking 5.3kg of heroin worth $15 million Sh charged.

The hard drugs were found hidden in a suitcase. According to police, the heroin was wrapped in four plastic bags and coated with curry powder and pepper to mask the smell.

Ms. Maimuna had just flown into the country via Moi International Airport.

< Also Mwanasomo Mohammed, 51, faces similar charges. She is said to have traded two kilograms of heroin worth Sh6 million.

She is facing charges alongside Said Aboobakar, 53.

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Ms. Zahra Ali Akharazi is also facing similar offenses in Shanzu Court. She is charged with New Zealander Selby Dean Freeman of trafficking in cocaine worth Sh47,000.

Mr Freeman is wanted in Malaysia for his alleged involvement in drug trafficking in 2012.

Other suspects in the case are Alfin Allaudin Akbrelali Alibhai and Abdul Lateef Ibrahim (Nigerian).

They allegedly dealt 11.9 grams of cocaine and 355.3 grams of cannabis, valued at Sh47,600 and Shh50,000 respectively. 71,060 Sh.

Ms Fatuma Ahmed was charged with Mr Yussuf in 2019 of trafficking in heroin worth 275 million. Her case is still pending in court.

While asking the court to arrest Ms Mahfudh after she denied charges of drug trafficking, prosecutor Ogega Bosibori said the penalty for the misdemeanor would be if convicted “The crime is serious and carries long jail terms or a fine of twice the amount of the drugs,” she told the Chief Justice Yussuf Shikanda.

The prosecutor also based her resistance to bail on the 29-year-old’s travel history, noting that this confirms fears she might jump bail.

“She was in Dubai and Tanzania. She is at risk of escaping. She has close ties to some of the key witnesses in this case and could therefore disturb them if bail were granted at this time,” Ms Bosibori said.

“Given the value of the narcotics and their effect In We request that society be denied bail until the case is heard. However, if the court decides to post bail, a preliminary report will be made so we can continue to interrogate her where she works,” the prosecutor added. p>

The woman opposed the motion and urged the court to grant her bail.

Through her attorney, Eugene Wangila, the suspect said there was no evidence available that she was a fugitive.< /p>


“Any defendant, regardless of the seriousness of the offence, is entitled to release unless there are compelling reasons. The reasons must be indisputable and beyond reasonable doubt,” said the attorney.

Mr Wangila further said that all his clients’ passports have expired and cannot be used for travel outside the country the trips to Dubai were work-related,” Wangila said, adding that prosecutors are not required to request bail in advance of the report.

“The defendant is two months pregnant. She started bleeding when she got to court. This is her first pregnancy and we don’t want her to suffer twice,” the lawyer added.

The judge ordered the suspect to be held in custody pending a decision on the bail request . He has also asked for a preliminary report to help him make an informed decision.

The case will be mentioned on June 3rd.

National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada) Director Farida Rashid blames women involved in drug trafficking for the desire for a “living easy.”

“They want the living easy, but they’re not ready to work hard for it. They end up being used to distribute the narcotics for a fee,” she said.

She goes on to say that due to the influence of friends who have ties to the drug lords, most women fall in this way scammed by business.

Most women arrested for drug trafficking do not possess the narcotics, but are merely being used to facilitate the trade, she added.