Dec 9, 2021

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Away with KCPE, in with Grade 6 transition report

The learners’ findings in this report will be used for their placement in lower secondary education and are among the changes made by the Task Force on Improving Access, Relevance, Transition, Equal Opportunities and Quality for Effective Implementation recommended by curriculum reforms.

The transition report contains learners’ results from their assessment at the end of fourth, fifth and sixth grades, combined with the result of a national summative assessment. The first such assessment will be carried out in November next year.

“At the end of the sixth grade, the formative (classroom and school) assessment results are presented to the Kenyan National Examination Board (Knec) and are combined with the results of the national summative assessment to prepare a transition report (TR) for each individual learner, ”the report says.

The learners of the 5th school-based assessment of the fourth grade. They are currently conducting the practical and project-based exams with their fourth grade colleagues. The deadline for this is December 10th.

You will then be theoretically assessed from January 31st to February 4th. Your results in grades four, five and six will each be rated at 20 percent. These assessments are managed and rated by the teachers and the results are recorded in the school year report, which is uploaded to the Knec portal.

The report recommends that Knec develop robust ICT systems to support competency-related processes -based assessment, including “learner enrollment and follow-up throughout the educational cycle, item banking and access to assessment tools and maintenance of a database on learner performance”.

Unique assessment number

These are the scores that are combined with the result of the summative assessment, which is graded 40. The report also made it clear that the summative assessment at the end of sixth grade focuses only on what learners covered in grades four, five, and six.

“The assessment will … provide a basis for the early identification and promotion of individual talents and areas of interest and finally inform policy makers about necessary interventions, “states the report.

In September, Kne c conducted the summative assessment of the 6th grade in 212 schools but used 5th grade learners as there is currently no candidate class. Assessment was in a multiple choice format, as opposed to the other school-based CBC assessments where learners are assessed through projects and oral tests.

Knec will give learners a unique assessment number in third grade exhibit that is used to track your progress. They will also use the number when transitioning to higher education.

However, the government could find itself in a difficult position next year unless it accelerates the process of amending the Kenyan National Examinations Council Act (2012 ), to reflect the changes recommended by the working group chaired by the Chief Secretary for the Implementation of Curriculum Reforms, Prof. Fatuma Chege, in May, the time for changing the law is limited.

Knec is reviewing the Knec Act (2012) and all regulations adapting to curriculum reforms, including renaming the institution and renaming the assessments to be managed as part of a competency-based assessment, ”the recommendation states.