Feb 7, 2023

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Betty Kyallo and her two sisters take to the screen in a new reality TV series

“You and Nick are acting like kids,” Mercy tells Betty in one of the commercials for Kyallo Kulture, a reality TV series about former TV host Betty Kyallo and her sisters Gloria and Mercy.

They insist that the name for their clan be pronounced “Kialo” and not “Chalo”), adding, “Why would you have a friend who doesn’t care about you?”

< p>This is the premise on which her show, episodes of which will be streamed every Friday on Showmax, will be based – openness and strong women, says Betty.

During the show’s official launch on Thursday night at the villa Rosa Kempinsiki, the sisters were joined by their mother, friends and Gloria’s boyfriend Ken Warui.

Betty said that her father and brother Bran are very supportive but don’t like being in the spotlight.


Other celebrities like Nana Owiti, Abel Mutua and sports and entertainment marketing expert Andrew Alovi are close by men.

Kyallo Kulture, the new reality series, premiered at Showmax on Friday 17th June. Carol Ngunjiri, the show’s producer and director of media production at production company D&R, suggested Betty a little over a year ago to take her popularity as a headliner to the next level by hosting a reality show /p>

Although Betty had a falling out with Mercy at the time, having even unfollowed herself on Instagram, from the very first meeting with the show’s creator and CEO of D&R Eugene Mbugua, she made it clear that she wanted her sisters involved.

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“It wasn’t easy to convince my sisters of this. We’ve always wanted to put out a show for ourselves because I always felt we had something to give,” says Betty.

Mercy was willing to come on board, but not while the show was on was centered around Betty, where they are fringe figures. Gloria didn’t want to show off that much, but Betty told her to think about the money she was about to make. Her boyfriend also appears on the show.

“We’ve never done anything together and we all have different fans. I was terrified of doing a reality show because honestly it means, but Betty has such a sense of humor that it just feels comfortable to be out there,” Mercy said. “We’re going to be very open about who we are, the struggles of our lives and where we find our happiness. It’s the experience of an African woman in modern times.”

Gloria, the youngest but also more reserved of the sisters, said the celebrity of being Betty’s sister has taken its toll on her and she must constantly pretending she’s not herself when people stop her in public.

The 13-episode reality series delves into the personal life of Betty, one of Kenya’s most prominent media personalities and an aspiring entrepreneur , and her brave sisters.

“Gloria, Mercy and Betty represent the urban Kenyan woman,” says Mr. Mbugua. “They are hardworking entrepreneurs, they like to have fun and are in no way held back by society’s opinion. They are strong and uncompromising. Those are the things that attracted our production company, D&R Studios.”

“Each sister will share a key story from her life that she has never shared before,” says Eugene. “These stories are very personal to them and have made them who they are today, from Betty’s childhood accident to Mercy’s IVF experience to Gloria’s childhood growing up without a father and so much more.”

“You’re not getting married again are you?” Gloria asks Betty in the opening moments of Episode 1. “I think I just want to do it to prove haters wrong,” Betty replies and teases what’s to come, while Kyallo Kuture explores the sisters’ love lives, among other things.

“We spent many days doing test shots to see if our idea was valid,” says Eugene. “We had several pilots that needed reworking, and we went through a number of different storylines before settling on the season we have now.”

Eugene, one of the most sought-after reality documentaries -Filmmaker in Kenya, is also behind Kenya’s biggest docu-reality shows and Showmax favorites like Kalasha 2021 nominee Sol Family.