Dec 9, 2021

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Body of missing Nakuru businesswoman found in Molo grave

Emotions soared when family members saw the remains of their loved one buried in a shallow grave just a few kilometers from the Mogotio Police Station.

Veronica Kanini’s body was so rotten that the family only identified her by the yellow sweater she wore on November 12, the day she disappeared the murder and led detectives to the location.

The Chief of Police of Mogotio Sub-County, Lucas Tumbo said the suspect led her to the scene of the crime at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday.

According to reports, Mr Kipchirchir led officers down a dusty road that led to the Molo River, off the Mogotio Highway -Cabarnet, to a bushy area where he allegedly committed the heinous crime.

“After a thorough interrogation the suspect confessed to killing and burying the woman. He took us to the scene, where we found the body. The Ve The suspect was arrested on November 13th. He had received some cash through M-Pesa the night before, “said Mr. Tumbo.

” He was indicted on November 15th and the court gave our detention request instead of 14 days to complete the investigation “, He added.

Ms. Rahab Wanjiru, the daughter, noticed her mother’s yellow sweater that she was wearing on the day of her disappearance.

” It was a challenge that Area but we managed to get through. After the autopsy, we can determine the cause of death, “said Mr. Tumbo.

Emergency Call

Kanini’s husband, Mr. Mariko Njuguna, had previously told the nation that his wife called her family friend’s 911 in which she asked for Sh3,000 and said that she was admitted to a hospital in Mogotio in critical condition.

Kanini later told her husband that the money was meant for her freedom but no details were disclosed.

“We were in constant communication all day before the incident. I remember she called me at 9 a.m. to see if I was safe and sound. She told me she went to Mogotio. We spoke later at 3:00 PM, 5:47 PM and 6:08 PM before their phone rang, “said Mr Njuguna.

Later that evening, he received a call from a close friend informing him that his wife had asked for Sh3,000 for a medical emergency.

However, her phone was turned off after the money was transferred. Mr. Njuguna then reported the matter to the Nakuru Central Police Station before being referred to the Mogotio Police Station.