Dec 9, 2021

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Botched bank robbery raises more questions

The detectives are under pressure to find out how the gunmen obtained the tear gas canisters that were used to create the confusion that facilitated their dramatic escape when the police stormed the building at 11:30 a.m.

The Criminal Police Department has also remained silent for more than 24 hours after the incident, with no reports from their normally active social media platforms.

Nyanza Regional Commissioner Magu Mutindika told the nation yesterday that detectives Have interrogated 20 people but have not yet won any leads.

“We don’t know the person who had the tear gas canister, but we suspect it could be a former officer. This is what they did to create confusion when cornered. So far there have been no arrests, no money has been stolen and all bank employees are safe, ”he said.

Tear gas canisters

The police questioned the branch manager, employees and customers who were during of the incident in the hall, but they have not made any arrests.

Police said the suspects had sent a threatening letter to a bank employee demanding an unknown amount of money, which instead sounded the alarm.

Equity Bank posted on Facebook: “Dear member, we had an incident in which armed robbers entered the banking hall of our Kisumu Ang’awa branch. Security guards led by local authorities are currently on site. All employees are safe and no cash was lost. ”

It remains a mystery who hurled the tear gas canister and caused fear in the bank hall escaped?

Until last night the police did not yet give a statement about the CCTV recordings.

Filmed in front of the camera

A man was arrested who had previously changed his shirt in the resulting confusion to flee with other customers.

The chairman of Kisumu City Residents Voice, Audi Ogada, asked the police to make a statement about the incident.

“We are asking for a report from the Inspector General of Police and the DCI on what exactly happened during the stalemate. It was such a daring robbery. The incident caused fear among local residents, “he said.

Mr. Boniface Akach, an activist of Kondele Community Social Justice, wondered how an alleged robber could be in possession of a tear gas canister nnte.

“The person knew how to use it; that raises questions. We appreciate that the police act quickly, but we need answers, ”he said.