Sep 21, 2021

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Bring back sports in schools; we’re bored out of our minds

Waking up on Monday knowing that it will be like any other Monday since you returned to school is the most boring thing. It can only be compared to our life in 2020.

We used to wake up to do nothing and go to bed in the evening “tired” to be rested all day. This is exactly what happens in schools. There are no extracurricular activities.

The days of studying during the week and knowing that we would meet with students from other schools on the weekend are long gone. Gone are the days of joining a sport, talented or not, in order to earn a bus ride to a tournament or a friendly match at the neighboring school. This year will go down as the most talent-wasting year in the history of the 8-4-4 system.

Meetings are not allowed now, with the exception of politics and politicians, of course, who still are. Holding rallies, students most likely do not have a talent development forum. The big ideas we have are unlikely to reach the world through science fairs.

The soccer skills some learned during lockdown times are never played and never find an audience. The dramaturgical skills that some have acquired by watching will never jump in the eyes of the judges and the exuberant crowd.

Personally, I had collected a ton of quotes that could be used in debates and public speaking competitions, but I just have to say it to my classmates or recite it to one or two in front of the mirror. The ministries concerned should step up and work to ensure that extracurricular activities take place back in school.

As it stands, the pandemic is most likely to hang around and we have to adapt and live with it as we have it HIV and AIDS done.

Resuming these activities with the Covid-19 protocols in place and being followed will have a major impact on the lives of many learners.

Who knows? Maybe the replacement of the Argentine playmaker Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona is somewhere in a Kenyan school, but has no opportunity to prove his skills.

The next Lupita Nyong’o could be in a school somewhere, who has no way of proving it they can take the lead.

With normality or a new normal, extracurricular activities for schools should be a priority. Let’s make talent and skills a path to success.

Education isn’t the only key to success, talent and skills can also break the padlock.

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