Oct 23, 2021

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Brittle bone disease hasn’t hindered Jane Theuri’s ascent in civil service

Ms. Jane Watiri Theuri, now 36, and her colleagues patrolled a crowd that pushed into the President’s vehicle for a glimpse of the man of the moment.

The President waved Ms. Watiri over and she went to his vehicle. He greeted her cheerfully and congratulated her on her good work.

“The President greeted me while I was on duty and told me I would go a long way in my job. He assured me I also wanted to meet again and I was very happy, “said the always smiling Watiri.

” I was in uniform and he was able to pick me up, and from that moment on I recognized the power of the official uniform. “

But Ms. Watiri, a deputy district commissioner at the Embu Huduma Center, where she also works as a manager, is no ordinary government administrator.

She lives with a rare disease that affects the bones weakens so much that even an ordinary walk will cause multiple fractures

Bone Disease

People with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) or brittle bones have bones that break easily, sometimes due to minor trauma and sometimes for no apparent reason.

She was always excited about using a wheelchair, but she found a deeper purpose in life and recognized disability didn’t have to keep her from achieving greater things. She was born in 1985 in Ngarariga Village, Kiambu County.

The second child of a family of two has been using a wheelchair since childhood after she was diagnosed with OI.

Grew up with the condition for Watiri difficult, she explained. When she enrolled at Joytown Primary School, a special school, her life got even harder.

She suffered fractures and had to travel in and out of the hospital, interrupting her studies.

On the advice of her doctor, she would skip classes to attend physical therapy sessions to strengthen her bones. Eventually she was able to walk with the help of claws, although she still cannot participate in strenuous activities.

Ms. Watiri passed the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam in 1999 and scored 430 out of a possible 700 points. < / p>

She went to Joytown Secondary School and passed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam in 2003, with an average grade of C.

She then went on to graduate from Graffins College for three years -Business Informatics degree.

But she couldn’t find a job anywhere after completing her studies and stayed at home.

“I applied for a job in many places, but I wasn’t lucky. After numerous internships at different organizations without deepening myself, I went back home, “she said.

First-class degree

While at home, Watiri thought she should go back to school, Further education and graduation.

With the help of your parents In 2010 she enrolled at St. Paul’s University our years later with a first-class honors degree in public relations and her educational star began to shine.

That motivated her and she earned a Masters in African Studies from the university of Edinburgh in Great Britain. She then joined the National Disability Council as an intern and worked for six months. She later went to Barclays Bank, where she did an internship for three months in the hope of a permanent position.

Even after these internships, she returned home and spent six months without a job.

< p> One day her friend informed her about a Home Office job advertisement in a newspaper.

“I went quickly to the paper and went through it and saw that the Ministry wanted 706 deputy district officers to work in different locations across the country and I applied, “she said.

” In September 2015, I was hired and transferred to the Limuru Deputy District Supervisor’s office, but was transferred to Embu in 2018. “

Her disability was never an excuse for her desire to study hard, serve the nation and become self-employed.

Her mother, Rahab Nyokabi, was her mentor and close friend.

“My mother was always ready to pay for mine Spending training and constantly encouraging me as I struggled while running. She is a loving mother, “she added.

It took Watiri strength and courage to go this far.

” I used a wheelchair and claws, but my condition was fine not an obstacle to my success, “she said.

Her ambition is to become Chief Secretary.” I have what it takes to be a PS. With the determination that I have, I know that I will make it, “she said

And her farewell shot?” I wear a positive attitude like a dress and coupled with confidence I am able to the day. “