Aug 1, 2021

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Caroline Kangogo’s death: The unanswered questions

The officer who was attached to Nakuru Central Police Station, and who had been on the run after the murder of two men, was found dead inside a bathroom at her parents’ home in Nyawa Village, in what police said was suicide.

Ms Kangogo was wanted for the murder her colleague John Ogweno and businessman Peter Njiru Ndwiga in Nakuru and Kiambu, respectively.

Owing to the many inconsistencies in the circumstances surrounding her death, many questions are still begging for answers, including:

How did the officer make her way into the home that was under police surveillance for 10 days?

Since her disappearance 10 days earlier, the National Police Service had dispatched armed police officers from the General Service and Administration Police Units to guard the home because of fear that the officer would arrive and harm her parents.

But on the day her body was found, no one heard her arrive and the officers who were keeping vigil at the home did not report hearing anything.

Did Ms Kangogo meet her family on the fateful morning?

The family of the slain officer is concerned about the report made by Rift Valley Commissioner George Natembeya when he broke the news about the police officer.

The administrator said the fugitive officer had arrived at home at 5.30am and met her parents.But her parents told the Nation that they had not met her, prior to the discovery of her body by her mother, Leah Jepkosgei Kangogo, at around 8.00am in the morning.

If indeed Ms Kangogo met her parents before her death, why didn’t officers deployed to the homestead arrest her?

Why didn’t anyone hear the gunshots from the scene of Ogweno and Njiru’s murders, and that of Kangogo’s alleged suicide?

Firearm manuals for determining distance by the sound of a shot indicate that, depending on the firearm type, a gunshot can be heard from as far as 15 kilometres.

All the guns recovered after Kangogo’s alleged murder and suicide were not fitted with a silencer. A single shot from a gun under the same conditions as the Ceska Pistol allegedly used by Cpl Kangogo can be heard at a distance of six kilometres.

Then how is it possible that in all the three instances — outside the Kasarani Police Station, Inside Room 107 of Dedamax Kimbo Hotel, and from the family bathroom located 40 metres from where her parents were sleeping — no body heard the gunshots?

Which gun(s) were used in the three incidents?

The differences in serial numbers of guns used for the alleged murder and that used for the purported suicide also raise queries.

An earlier report by the police sent out when Constable Ogweno was killed indicated that his official Ceska Pistol, Serial Number S/No 94676.

By the time of his tragic death, police said, the gun had 13 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

If Kangogo had made away with Constable Ogweno’s Ceska Pistol of S/No 94676, where is it? And who is the owner of the pistol— S/no G4670 — that took Ms Kangogo’s life?

Did the officer take her own life as alleged?

Kenyans, including lawyer, Cliff Ombeta have also questioned the posture, composure and the neatness of the scene where the body of Ms Kangogo was found.

The body was in a sitting position, still dressed in a black jeans trouser and a yellow hoodie similar to those she had when a CCTV camera captured her at the Dedamax Kimbo Hotel where Mr Ndwiga was found dead inside Room 107.

Her left hand was tucked inside the hoodie’s pocket, while the right hand was on the floor, loosely holding the Ceska gun that the police said she had used to take her own life.

Her head was covered with a black scarf.

There was no blood splatter on the wall of the bathroom where the deceased officer was found, despite the left, upper side of her head bearing an exit wound. Her legs still remained crossed.

“This lady did not commit suicide. Gun placed in hand unlike where it would be because of the recoil. Placing of the cover on the head? The yellow Jersey still?” He posed.

Police officers who trained with the officer in Kiganjo alleged that she was left handed and have questioned why she would use her right hand to commit suicide.

Why would she leave hints and clues in every crime scene?

She allegedly left her phone at the scene where Mr Ogweno was murdered and also a receipt bearing her name at the scene of Mr Ndwiga’s murder.

A crime scene forensic investigator also questioned why there was bloody drag marks on the floor of the bathroom, and why, despite the officer’s shoes having mud, there were no muddy footprint marks on the floor.

If the suicide texts found in her phone were anything to go by, who are these police officers that she had a deal with and where did she get the Sh1.5million she alleged that Mr Ndwiga had conned her?

And why would a wanted person — a police officer for that matter — still be wearing the same clothes that she had been captured wearing when she allegedly committed the second murder?

Why were there inconsistencies in her wish on how she wanted her remains interred?

At one point she asked her parents to bury her in her wedding dress and in another, she asked them to cremate her.

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