Jun 18, 2021

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CCTV footage tampered with, dad claims at inquest into son’s death

The boy’s father, Mr Richard Wanyonyi Wasike, recounted his son Emmanuel’s final moments during an investigation into the death and said he had been prevented by his family from visiting his village in western Kenya until he declared, like the boy’s body in the cleric’s car.

The 47-year-old man fought back tears in court when prosecutors opened an investigation, chaired by Mombasa’s Chief Justice Edna Nyaloti, to solve the mysterious death . He was the first to testify.

He said he said goodbye to his three children as they went to Sunday school service that day.

“They have us at the house We prepared. They went first and we followed them later because the Sunday school services started very early in the morning, “he said.

The Sunday services for children were about 30 meters from the main church, he testified.

The services went smoothly, he said, and around 4:00 pm he drove home, leaving the children and their mother behind.

While two of his children were around Arrived home at 5:00 pm, boy did not show up. His siblings reported that they had left him with his friends and that he would come home later.

“Before it got dark, I sent his Siblings came back to pick him up because it was getting late, ”he said.

Search for missing child

< When his siblings couldn't find him, Wasike said, he went back to church to look for him, but he was seen nowhere to be found. The boy's mother also took part in the search, but her efforts were unsuccessful.

Around 7 p.m., when they could not find their son, he reported the matter to the Inuka police station.

< The search continued the next day.

“We did not sleep that night. That morning we filed another report about a missing child at the Likoni police station. We split up and decided to separately just to make sure we cover important areas, ”recalled Wasike, led by Prosecutor Edgar Mulamula.

At church, security officials told the boy’s parents they hadn’t seen him, what Her mood continued to subdue.

“We were confused, but we kept searching in hopes of finding him alive,” he said.

His son, he said the investigation, would usually do not leave the company of his siblings alone, and the turn of events Isse surprised her on the day of his disappearance.

“We thought he’d be back home before 5pm as usual.”

On February 26th, around 11am, said Wasike that he received a phone call asking him to rush to church.

The call filled him with joy, he said, bringing a smile to the point on his face as he hoped that his missing child was found.

Conspiracy to defeat justice

“I breathed a sigh of relief, but there was a strange feeling that might suggest something was wrong.”

When he got to church, he found his wife, who had arrived earlier, and a person he only identified as Rev Maundu.

“Rev Maundu informed us, that the child had been found but was not in good health. He advised us to go to the police station where the child had been taken. “

At the station they were told that the boy’s body had been discovered in the bishop’s car and that the police were investigating. < / p>

“The police opened the vehicle and I confirmed that the body was that of my missing son. The license plate number of the car was KBH 379N, ”said Wasike.

The corpse, he recalled, had no other physical injuries apart from a lump in the left eye and a swollen belly.

The investigation was informed that other believers attending sermons in the church were also parking their cars in the yard where the boy’s body was found.

Wasike said a cat and -Mouse game between him and the police ensued, with officers reluctant to release the details of their results.

“The police told me that the CCTV footage of February 25th will not be played and that the expert who installed the camera went to Malindi in Kilifi County. It appears that the expert did not return because I was not told, “he said.

The claim that the CCTV footage could not be played led him to suspect that there was a conspiracy to to defeat justice for his son. He said he thought everything had been tampered with.

Cause of death

“Why was only the CCTV footage for that day not played, but the ones extracted for various dates are playing? What are the police hiding? All I want is justice for my son. My family prevented me from going home until I explain what happened to the boy. “

As an autopsy done Wasike said the family was only told that their son had suffocated and that there was fresh food in his stomach.

“That was all and the investigation ended with that. The police have remained a mother to this day. No one was arrested and charged with the incident, ”he said.

A nation-wide autopsy report shows the cause of death from multiple organ failure coincides with asphyxiation, elements consistent with hyperthermia heartbeat.

“Both lungs are more clogged on the left than the right . Fresh food in the stomach, including chapatis, has been observed, ”read part of the report.

The question that, according to Wasike, remains unanswered is whether the child got into the car alone or was it forced it was, and by whom, and why.

The family believes that CCTV footage from the cameras in the parking lot that police said were taped may have helped answer this question .

But they are optimistic that the DPP’s takeover of the matter will reveal the mystery of the boy’s death and that those found guilty will be brought to justice.

The couple stopped praying in Likoni when their son died.

The hearing will continue on September 8th.

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