Jan 27, 2022

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City Hall to pump in Sh500 million on Governor, Deputy Governor residences

The plan is included in the Nairobi County Annual Development Plan for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023.

The new development follows a 2020 guideline from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) for all 47 counties are scheduled to build official housing for their top civil servants within two years, as part of plans to cut monthly rental spending by those civil servants.

This comes after the National Treasury Department raised concerns a year earlier about its continued monthly spending of 5 million shillings in rent for governors, 4.5 million shillings for deputy governors and 3.75 million shillings for speakers in the decentralized units, increasing the burden on taxpayers.

Consequently increased that of Ann Kananu The government led will be the first district government to comply with the directive. SRC paid the two officers a monthly rent allowance of Sh200,000.

“The Nairobi County Government plans to increase the Governor’s and Deputy Governor’s residences in the next fiscal year beginning July 1st of Sh 500 million, 2022,” reads part of the report submitted to Nairobi County Assembly by the Budget and Appropriations Committee.

However, the document failed to state the proposed site, specifications and the cost of each of the proposed residences to be discussed.

Nevertheless, the budgeted amount exceeds the Senate ceiling for such projects, which put the cost of a governor’s office at Sh45 million and a deputy at Sh40 million Sh and 35 million Sh for the speaker were limited.

The town hall had in the past considered the official residence of the former mayor along the Isaac Gathanju Clos e in Lavington as the governor’s residence.

The 0.843-acre property was to be given to Nairobi’s first governor, Dr. Evan s Kidero in 2013, but he chose to stay at his home in Muthaiga.

Instead, the home was occupied by former City Hall CEC Ann Lokidor until she vacated in November 2018

Immediately Former Governor Mike Sonko also did not move into the residence, opting instead to continue commuting between his private homes in Nairobi and his home in Mua Hills in Machakos District.

In July 2020, Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director General Lt. Gen. Mohamed Badi took possession of the residence.

This came after Mr Sonko announced plans to move into the home and said that the County officials had begun renovating the property before he was about to occupy it.

However, NMS DG warned the former governor to keep the property off as it is now under NMS as part of the devolved county function of land lie. Since then the property has been under the management of NMS.

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