Dec 4, 2022

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Concerns as Covid-19 cases in the Lake region rise rapidly

Of 10 patients tested for Covid-19 at Siaya County Referral Hospital, four have the virus, with experts predicting a mild sixth wave that will last through June.

According to a report By Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB), the hospital has seen a 43 percent increase in coronavirus cases.

This is due to fewer tests and vaccinations.

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The country is testing fewer than 2,000 samples a day, down from a peak of 10,000 at the peak of the pandemic.

It also means test kits and reagents could expire.

In the report, an advisory panel on Covid-19 control says Chulaimbo Hospital is a Increase of 10 percent recorded in Covid-19 cases.

“We note with concern that some county hospitals have increased their used up stkits. Kakamega County Referral Hospital, for example, is out of kit. At the same time, vaccination efforts are declining with the risk of vaccine expiration,” said Prof Khama Rogo, the chair of the LREB Committee.

“We recommend that hospitals purchase rapid test kits. Mass testing of humans and contact tracing should be undertaken where possible.”

Alongside testing, the team recommends mass vaccination to reach 70 percent from the current 31 percent.

“Many Kenyans are not aiming for one booster vaccinations. It is advisable that fully vaccinated individuals who are due for their booster shots should visit immunization centers,” said Prof. Rogo.

Data released by the Health Ministry on Monday show that about 18 million doses of vaccine have been administered in Kenya.< /p>

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About 16 Millions were given to people aged 18 and over, 1.34 million to people aged 15-17 and 33,452 to people under the age of 15.

Only 323,148 booster shots were given.

That brings the proportion of fully vaccinated adults is 31 percent, with the government aiming to have 27 million people vaccinated by the end of this year.

“We are lagging behind on testing and vaccination. This could hit us hard should there be a stronger wave,” Prof. Rogo said.

A total of 6,193 vaccine doses were administered on Monday.

Only Nyeri County has more than complete vaccinated 51 percent of the population, followed by Nairobi (49), Kakamega (39) and Nakuru, Laikipia, Kirinyaga and Taita Taveta with 38 percent.

“Information collected over the last few days LREB shows that a sixth Covid-19 wave is imminent. It was scientifically predicted that the wave would start in late April and last until June. Scientists said the wave would likely be mild and last for 40 days,” Prof Rogo said.

Kenyans seem to have weathered the pandemic and are not worried about the surge in new cases.

A majority have returned to shaking hands, while very few disinfect.