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Confession: How former KDF boss killed lover, her two children

They never stayed alive.

Their lifeless bodies were retrieved a day later from the military base in sacks that were meant for a public cemetery in the middle of the night.

The weekend should be a family experience before a birthday trip to the coast. At least that believed Syombua, the estranged wife from Mugure, when she agreed to make the trip to Nanyuki.

Almost two years after the bodies of Syombua, Shanice (10) and Prince Michael (5 ) had died in Thingithu, Nanyuki, dug out of a shallow grave, the triple homicide trial against the former military has barely progressed because Mr. Mugure has refused legal representation.

Nevertheless, the man who attended the funeral has He has made a plea agreement in exchange for his testimony against Mr Mugure.

In his confession, Collins Pamba rocked the events of October 26, 2019 and described in detail how he told the former soldier helped smuggle three bodies out of the military base undetected.

Today the nation may reveal the timing of the events that led to the triple murder and a ploy to get away with the murder, including attempting to withdraw the crucial confession.

Pamba is now serving a five-year sentence for his part in disposing of the bodies, but the nation has learned that Mr Mugure has sent his sister, Nancy Mugure, to order To visit Pamba in Kerugoya Prison and ask him to revoke his confession.

Pamba will be a state witness against the former soldier.


In the confession, Pamba says that Mr Mugure threatened to kill him if he refused to help bury the bodies of his estranged wife and two children.

A promise to join the military Committing should sweeten the deal. Pamba was a casual worker at Laikipia Airbase, where his job was cleaning the facilities the soldiers were using and he was given side jobs like cleaning vehicles for senior soldiers.

On October 26th, passed 5:00 pm Pamba said he got a call from Mr. Mugure to meet him at a hotel in Nanyuki town.

“Major Mwaura showed me behind the hotel, where he told me he had one Have work to do for him. I asked him what kind of work he did not reveal, but asked me to go to the Laikipia Airbase and wait for him there. He gave me Sh100 to get on a motorcycle, ”says Pamba.

He did as instructed and went to the officers’ mess, where he waited more than an hour for Mr. Mugure. At 6:30 p.m. Pamba decided to go home in Thingithu Phase II.

At 10:16 p.m. Pamba found that Mr. Mugure had tried unsuccessfully to contact him due to network problems and called him back. He was instructed to meet the former soldier at the Laikipia Airbase.

Pamba went to the barracks, where he found Mr. Mugure in the parking lot of the apartment block. His house was A3 and he asked Pamba to follow him there.

Body bags

However, he did not open his door, but instead opened door A4 next to his. Older colleagues in the block were away on duty at the time.

“When he entered room number A4, he locked the door and kept the key in his pocket. I stayed near the bed and Major Mwaura went to the bathroom where he tried to turn on the light, but it wasn’t on, “says Pamba.

He says the former soldier used his cell phone flashlight, to light the bathroom and asked him to approach for further instructions.

Pamba says in his confession that he noticed a “baggage” in a tote bag tied with plastic ropes on the bathroom floor.

“After looking closely at the light on Major Mwaura’s phone, I found that the luggage was a person’s body because I had braided hair, white t-shirt, black pants and face down, “he says.

It was Shanice’s body.

In the bathtub, there was another body in a sack and was similar to the first sack with a rope tied up.

Pamba says the second body was in a downward facing stretcher Ash with a shaved head and wearing a green t-shirt with no pants.

Mr Mugure then told Pamba that he wanted him to carry the bodies to his car in the parking lot.

“I tried to resist by telling him that I couldn’t do the job for him. He informed me that only he and I knew what was in room A4, and if I didn’t help him he would kill me. He also threatened me not to tell anyone about what I saw and if he heard about it he would kill me, ”says Pamba.

To sweeten the deal, Mr Mugure Pamba promised that he would get him, joined the Kenyan Armed Forces and even asked him to make sure he handed him his academic papers.

Pamba agreed to the deal and helped carry the bodies to Mr. Mugure’s car, one gray Subaru Impreza with license plate KCP 740F.

The spare wheel and floor mats were removed from the trunk, perhaps to make more space for all the corpses.

First they carried the body, the was in the bathtub and put it in the trunk and then went back and took the body that was on the bathroom floor and put it in the car.

“Major Mwaura closed the trunk and asked me to give it to him to follow his own house, number A3, ”says Pamba in the confession.

As in the first house, the former closed The soldier locked the door as soon as they entered the house.

“I immediately saw the corpse of a grown woman lying face up behind the chairs on the floor. The body wore white pants, a red T-shirt and the face was covered with a black and white poncho, “says Pamba.

Strangled with a rope

He claims he was was instructed to put the body in a sack while the former soldier picked up a rope and tied it.

“We then carried the body to the vehicle and rested eight times on the way when the body was heavy for both of us. In the car we put the body in the trunk on top of the other bodies, ”he says.

The autopsies later revealed that Syombua died after injuring her head with a blunt object while her children were being treated both strangled with a rope.

Mr. Mugure then covered the bodies with floor mats before they drove out of the base. The former soldier used his rank in the military to his advantage and allowed him to leave the base without sounding the alarm.

Out of curiosity, says Pamba, he asked the soldier who the dead were in the trunk of his Cars were and why he killed her.

“He informed me that the lady was to be married to him as the second wife. He said that this was the woman he loved most and that he should make her his second wife, but the lady was not loyal to him because she wanted him to spend money on her and her children, ”says Pamba.

Mr Mugure allegedly told his craftsman that Syombua also bothered his first wife, with whom he had no problem.

The two then went to Thingithu, to a public cemetery where the unclaimed bodies were disposed of by the government.

Given the purpose of the site and the piles of earth recently dumped by a road construction company, the cemetery was the perfect place to dispose of the bodies.

Buried in shallow ground grab

The soldier stopped the vehicle, switched off the headlights and went to a shallow grave that had already been dug. They wanted to use the moonlight and the safety lights of a nearby school to increase visibility.

The two men went back to the car, first carried Syombua’s body and put it up in the grave. Prince’s body was next and was laid face down. Shanice was last laid in the grave.

Mr. Mugure then got a spade out of his car and started covering the bodies.

“I helped him bring the earth back, and finally he took the spade from me and put the earth in the grave,” says Pamba in his confession.

After the job was done, around 1am, Mr Mugure dropped Pamba near his house. Then he instructed Pamba to clean up the house and the car.

On the morning of October 27th, Pamba reported for work as usual and after his daily shift he went to clean Mr. Mugure’s house.

They met at 1:00 p.m. in the officers’ mess where Mr Mugure presented Pamba Sh4,000 and reminded him to hand in his academic papers on Monday October 28th.

Pamba did as directed the following day as they agreed to keep in touch as the soldier was on leave. Mr. Mugure also instructed Pamba to keep a close eye on the grave to make sure no one disturbs it.

“I went there twice and told him everything was fine. After the second visit to the grave, Major Mugure informed me that I should tend the grave with soil, ”says Pamba.

Accessories to the murder

The former soldier later sent his craftsman Sh1 .030 to buy a spade to maintain the grave.

About two weeks later, DCI detectives visited the barracks in Nanyuki to investigate the disappearance of Syombua. and to investigate their two children.

By this point the major knew detectives were approaching him and he called Pamba to inform him that the police would be visiting the base and he was not shocked or her secret was about to be revealed.

“On November 15, 2019, I saw on TV that Major Mwaura was arrested. I didn’t tell anyone what I knew, “says Pamba.

On November 16, 2019 at 2:00 pm, Pamba was approached by the military police and DCI officers at Laikipia Airbase and about the disappearance of Syombua and interrogated their children. He agreed to show where the bodies were buried.

At 5:00 p.m., the bodies of Syombua, Shanice and Prince Michael were excavated from the shallow grave in Thingithu.

In her opinion, Judge Florence Muchemi ruled that she was convinced that Pamba had acted according to the instructions of Mr Mugure, the prime suspect in the three murders was in accordance with the senior military officer’s instructions.

A court hearing agreement signed by both the prosecutor and the defendants showed that Mr Pamba had agreed to testify against ex-Major Mugure.


This was on the condition that the prosecution dropped the triple murder charge and replaced it with the lesser offense of complicity in murder.

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