Jan 20, 2022

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Congolese bands plan show to honour Defao in Nairobi

Defao died almost 14 days ago in Cameroon and his body is expected to arrive in Kinshasa this afternoon.

The show takes place in Nairobi, where Defao spent almost 18 years of his adult life. Several leading Congolese musicians from Nairobi will perform at the Egesa Villa on the Umoja estate.

According to Guy Kadi, who is one of the event’s coordinators, invitations have been sent to those who have performed with Defao during his stay in Kenya.

“We have chosen to honor Defao in recognition of his illustrious contribution to music in Kenya and beyond. His fans are also invited to celebrate his music, ”said Kadi.

The expected groups include Rhumba Japan, Vibrations Musica, Afro Ngoma, International Rhumba Du Congo, Bilenge Musica Du Congo and London musicians Fiston Lusambo.

Lusambo teamed up with Defao to record some tracks (including one in Swahili) while he was still living in Nairobi.

Preparations are underway for some as well Congolese bands from Mombasa also honor Defao with a show. A die-hard rhumba fan and music promoter in Mombasa, Panya Buku said he will soon team up with others to celebrate Defao’s music.

“Kenyan rhumba fans will cherish his music forever, Given how long he lived with us, “said Buku.

Media personality Nancie MamaAfrika Elombe said she will remember Defao for his humility and entertaining musical style.

< p> “He was a down to earth musician who was always ready to interact with musicians and fans,” she said.

Defao, one of the best singers and dancers of the fourth generation of Congolese rhumba musicians, died during one Tour of Cameroon.

In a conversation with the Nation on Saturday, his long-time employee Montana Kamenga confirmed that he would fly to Douala this morning to accompany the body in a private jet . He revealed that this was made possible by the Congolese government. Several other musicians will accompany Montana.

“Provisions have been made for me to travel with my colleagues such as veterans Bozi Boziana and Reddy Amisi. Others are former members of Defaos Big Stars, family members and government officials, “he said. Montana was a leading member of the Big Stars.

According to Montana, the final funeral program will be announced later this week in coordination with the family and government officials.

The Democratic The government of the republic Congo stepped up to honor Defao, as it has done many other fallen music icons from the nation known for their skills in rhumba music.

62-year-old Defao is famous for his hits like Sala Noki and Madova were also among the proponents of the popular Ndombolo dance style of the 1990s.

One of his latest releases, Papa na Moise, is already proving to be popular on YouTube as his fans read the song on social media share media alongside many of his earlier popular songs.

US-based musician Ngouma Lokito said he was already working on a tribute track. Speaking to the Nation , Ngouma said that he would team up with others like Shimita El Diego to produce the track. Shimita and Defao worked together in the Grand Zaiko Wawa band.

In Kinshasa, guitarist Sedjokha Tshomba, who performed with Defao in the Choc Stars band, said he was working with other musicians in Kinshasa to create a song and Show for him.

Prior to his solo career, Defao had played with some of the top bands in DR Congo such as Grand Zaiko Wawa, Choc Stars and his own Big Stars Band.