Jan 31, 2023

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Counties paid Sh12bn wages using manual systems, report shows

The Controller of Budget (COB) has raised concerns about counties paying wages through manual systems, risking the loss of billions of public funds.

COB Margaret Nyakang’o, in its report of The Execution of the Boroughs’ Budget for the Nine Months Ended March 2022, found that the Boroughs processed shillings 11.99 billion in payslips through the manual systems and vouchers, which are vulnerable to abuse.

Ms. Nyakang’o has flagged nine districts that paid huge sums through the unsecured systems, and advised decentralized entities to speed up the introduction of secure payroll systems.

“This goes against government policy that requires salaries be processed via the IPPD system. Manual payroll is prone to abuse and, without proper controls, can result in the loss of public funds.

“The counties with the highest payments through the manual system were; Bomet at 1.06 billion Sh, Kiambu at 864.22 million Sh, Garissa at 746.10 million Sh, Nakuru at 593.48 million Sh, Marsabit at 569.40 million Sh, Homa Bay at 495.19 million Sh, Vihiga at Sh469.81 million, Siaya at Sh449.92 million, Mandera at Sh440 million, Laikipia at Sh419.32 million and Kisumu at Sh401.27 million,” explained Ms. Nyakang’o.

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The COB warned that the use of manual systems by county officials could be misused to steal public funds.

“The Controller of Budget is advising county governments to expedite the registration of employee ID numbers and ensure that all payroll accounting is recorded in the mandatory human resources system,” it said in the report.

And district assembly members (MCAs) in nine districts have their seat allowances in increased by Sh84 million in the nine months ended March 2022 compared to a similar period last year as their focus on increasing their benefits increased over the last year in office.

Sitting Fees

MCAs im Migori County bagged an average monthly per diem of Sh167,194 between July 2021 and March 2022, taking per diem expenses from Sh56 million to Sh85.8 million in the nine months ended March 2021. During a similar period last year, MCAs pocketed an average of Sh109,214 per month.

The 20 MCAs in Nyamira, which pocketed an average of Sh120,053 per month over the nine months, increased total attendance expenses from Sh33 million to Sh39, 9 million.

Concluding the list of the three districts where MCAs raked in the highest attendance fees, Busia MCAs earned a monthly average of Sh114,211 for the three quarters of 2021/22, raising the total spend for Attendance fees in the Borough Assembly during the nine months from 53 million shillings last year to 55.5 million shillings.

The Budget Controller (COB) reports on the execution of the boroughs’ budget for the first nine months of the financial year 2021/22 shows that MCAs in a total of nine districts pocket an average of over Sh$100,000 per month in attendance fees, although their respective districts have failed to effectively v to spend on development.

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“The state ty assemblies gave Sh1.5 billion in attendance fees from MCA during the period versus an approved budget allocation of Sh2.59 billion. This spending represents 58.1 per cent of the approved MCA seat allowance budget, an increase from 51.8 per cent achieved in a similar period of financial year 2020/21 when ATS 1.49 billion was spent Report.

In Homa Bay, MCAs pocketed an average of Sh 111,248, in Kakamega 106,570 Sh, in Siaya 106,792 Sh, in Kwale 106,063 Sh, in Kisii 103,124 Sh and in Elgeyo Marakwet 103,234 Sh.