Oct 23, 2021

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Court bars Alai from publishing offensive posts on Mediheal Hospital

Justice Hedwig Ong’udi said the contributions submitted to the court were offensive and any patient who reads the contributions does not want to be associated with the hospital in question.

< p class = "align - justify"> The judge said that the loss of reputation must be guarded until the matter is resolved, as financial damage is unlikely to make up for such a violation.

” For now, what should be done is stop posting the offensive posts and tweets. The court, after hearing all evidence, will decide whether the author of the posts is the defendant or another Robert Alai as alleged will, “she said.

Mr Alai has denied the author of the posts in which he says that someone else could use his name.

picture of the denting hospital

Her r Mishra also wanted the blogger to remove the posts he had written about the hospital, as they damage the image of the hospital locally and internationally.

“If none Restraining order is issued, Alai will continue to spread malicious falsehoods about the hospital, resulting in economic loss and a damaged image, which is quite critical for a hospital, ”he said.

Mediheal has hospitals in Kenya, Rwanda and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

He said the tweets were defamatory and embarrassing for him and the hospital, while the blogger s makes profits. The court heard that the tweets and Facebook posts had an impact on the hospital, but they were wrong.

Although he distanced himself from the tweets, Alai said he believed To Kenyans expressing themselves and calling officials about their actions or inaction.

The tweets claimed that the hospitals were and are centers for organ trafficking and smuggling Patients would be managed by criminals as well as exploitation by holding security documents such as title deeds