Jan 20, 2022

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Court bars NSSF board from holding meetings in tiff with Atwoli

Troubles began when the NSSF rejected the name of a Cotu-nominated board member. While the board of directors accepted Isaac Okello Mbingi, he rejected Rose Omamo.

As a result, Ms. Omamo’s name was omitted from a notice from the Kenya Gazette issued by the Ministry of Labor.

This prompted Cotu to file a lawsuit, protesting Ms. Omamo’s NSSF rejection.

Justice Monica Mbaru stopped all future ones Meet the board of directors until the case is decided.

“The applicant is hereby granted 21 days of vacation. This granted leave is intended to prevent the Cabinet Secretary for Labor and the Board of Directors of the National Social Insurance Fund from convening board matters in the absence of the applicant’s representatives, ”ordered Judge Mbaru.

‘Sinister Motive ‘

Cotu, who describes the rejection of one of her candidates as “motivated by sinister motives”, said she would not withdraw the case until Ms. Omamo becomes a member of the NSSF Board Released.

If the case continues, NSSF will be hampered in its recruitment plans, which, according to Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli, can only be done with the approval of the Board

“The hiring, as announced by the NSSF, can only be done if the NSSF board and various committees, including the staff committee, are legally constituted and the gazette’s for Cotu (K) nomi “The fiery unionist said in a press release.

It is an open secret that the relationship between Cotu and NSSF is frosty. Mr. Atwoli has repeatedly accused the NSSF board of corruption and misappropriation of public funds.

In May 2019, he said the NSSF had raised $ 260 billion, of which about $ 190 billion -Dollars would be held by fund managers.

“If I weren’t there (on the NSSF board), there wouldn’t be an NSSF today. They didn’t want to announce Jacqueline Mugo and me to the board because they timed the elections, “he said in an interview on NTV.

” They wanted everything to take the money . Mugo and I made up our minds and said that no money should be stolen from the NSSF. ”