May 28, 2022

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Court gives Ruto 5 days to respond to suit seeking his removal as DP

The Supreme Court has ordered Deputy President William Ruto to file a response in a lawsuit seeking his impeachment within five days.

Judge Hedwig Ong’udi has that of Mau-Mau -War Veterans Filed Case Set for Further Hearing May 19.

When the case came for hearing on Thursday, Judge Ong’udi was informed by the petitioners through Michael Kariuki Kirungia that the DP acknowledged receipt of the complaint documents

The war veterans want the court to have Dr. Ruto removed from office because he claims he left the government and has since joined another political group – the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

They also want the court to expel him. Preventing Ruto from using government funds in his presidential campaigns.

The petitioners also want the DP to be evicted from the Karen residence.

In the lawsuit filed as urgent, the Veterans, the DP has resigned his constitutional duties as chief assistant to the President and assumed “self-assigned duties”.

Dr Ruto is accused of violating Article 147(1)(2) of the Constitution by failed to perform his duties as Deputy President.

The petitioners further state that Dr. Ruto has committed a crime within the meaning of the Oaths and Statutes Declaration Act Cap 15 (II) laws of Kenya.

He is also charged with violating Article 148 (5) of the National Eids and Affirmations Third Schedule.