Sep 19, 2021

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Court slaps former Kemri boss with Sh19.6m fine

An anti-corruption court in Nairobi imposed the heavy fine on former director of Kemri, Dr Chief Justice Victor Kumile, said he would allow the scientist to pay the fine in two tranches of Sh9.8 million from October 15, 2021. In addition, Mr. Kumile cited the advanced age of Dr. Koech.

Citing Article 29 of the Constitution, Mr Kumile said the ex-Kemri boss is now 70 years old and cannot be subjected to cruel treatment by handing him over to prison authorities.

He said he would exercise mercy and compassion while administering the sentence.

The judge found that Dr. Koech had repaid the money for malaria research that he had corruptly acquired to the government with interest.

The crimes

In all three cases and their alternatives, he was convicted of the Pay a mandatory fine of Sh100,000 or serve a 12 month jail term.

For the primary violations, he was fined the amounts stated on the prosecution papers. The fines are Sh800,000, Sh6 million and Sh12.5 million.

He will also serve a 12-month sentence.

The sentences will be carried out in sequence, d and the fine will be independent.

Dr. Koech was also found guilty of fraudulent public property acquisitions.

In his verdict, Mr. Wakumile found the former boss of the corrupt acquisition of Sh19.6 million belonging to Kemri in 2006, money intended for research purposes was.

Dr. Koech is said to have committed the crime on August 7, 2006 in Kemri offices in Nairobi.

The public prosecutor, through Ms. Hellen Mutela, requested the court to remove Dr. Sentenced Koech to full payment of the fine, whereas he was not sentenced to prison. But his lawyer Denis Maina asked the court to allow him to pay the installments.

“We are refusing to pay the fine in full because the crime was committed 15 years ago. My client is in a position to pay the amount to be paid in five installments, “said Mr Maina.

The judge refused and ordered that the amount be paid in two installments.