Sep 21, 2021

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Court to rule on Kenyatta Hospital burial row

The family would like to be able to exhume the body of Sabenzia Chepkesis Killong, who was admitted to the KNH in December, died eight days later on December 28 and was buried by the remittance facility in an unmarked grave in Lang’ata Cemetery

Ms. Killong’s family would also like to perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Then they want the court to allow them to bury their relatives again at the Ndalu site, Tongaren constituency, Bungoma county.

“After examining the application, it is hereby ordered that the application be urgent and confirmed that the motion will be served on May 17th in front of Hon Kivuti for a hearing between the parties, ”ordered DW Mburu, Senior Principal Magistrate of the Milimani Commercial Magistrate Court.

Ms. Killong’s family insists that KNH neglected their duty as they did. They not only reported that their relatives were missing at two police stations in Nairobi, but also gave the remittance facility details about the 47-year-old when Ms. Killong’s body was in the morgue.

< However, the hospital says it followed all of the Ministry of Health's regulations under Public Health Act Cap 242 of the laws of Kenya. The law recommends that a body be removed from the morgue within two weeks and then disposed of.

“Despite our best efforts, we were unable to track Sabenzia’s next of kin at the time of admission and throughout her treatment,” said Dr. Evans Kamuri, the managing director of KNH, in a recent statement.

In addition to the exhumation, autopsy and reburial, the family also wants the Director of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (DPP) to open an investigation

< "We have also written to the DPP to complete the ongoing investigation as soon as possible," said the family lawyer, Ken Murunga.

Dr. Joy Killong, Sabenzia’s sister, asked why KNH buried the dealer three days after the police asked about her at the hospital.

“KNH had my sister’s ID card showing the village she came from. Why didn’t they use this option , around identify the location and contact the family before deciding to dispose of their bodies? “Asked Dr. Killong.

While Dr. Kamuri of KNH expressed his condolences to the family, he said the hospital was open to investigations.

“While we remain open and are currently inviting more information, all indications are that the hospital is taking all necessary procedures for that Admission, hospital care, farewell home admission, and final funeral for that patient. KNH will continue to work with the relevant authorities on this matter. We continue to strive to ensure the best possible care for all patients, ”he said