Aug 4, 2021

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Court told ex-CS Echesa took two white men to DP’s office

The white men had a bag when they visited the DP’s office. Security guards in the DP office took away the visitors’ bags and cell phones before taking them to the waiting room.

Mr. Echesa told the guards in the DP office that ” he had an appointment with Dr. Ruto together with the two men whose names he did not mention. “

Frequent visitor

The Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot, who is trying Mr. Echesa and four others on the Sh39.5 billion arms deal, was told the former CS was a frequent visitor to the DP office.

Mr. Echesa, Mr. Daniel Otieno Omondi alias General Juma, Mr. Clifford Okoth Onyango alias Paul, Mr. Kennedy Oyoo Mboya and Mr. Christopher Odipo have rejected 12 counts against them and are in custody.

Witnesses said they did not change money in the prosecutor’s office.

Dr. Ruto’s bodyguard, Nicholas Maiyo Burkey, recounts h On February 13, 2020, he led Mr. Echesa and two white men into the offices of the vice president. Mr. Maiyo said he met Mr. Echesa on the second floor of the DP office.

The witness, a prison officer seconded to the DP office, was told by Prosecutor Kennedy Panyako cited.

see Ruto

Mr Maiyo said when he asked Mr Echesa if he could make an appointment the former CS replied that he was there with the white men to meet Dr. To see Ruto. He led the two white men into the waiting room before calling the DP Karen office to find out whether he would meet Mr. Echesa in town or in Karen. However, he was informed that the DP was going to Kandara, Murang’a County, for a funeral.

“I informed Echesa Ruto that she was going to Kandara . Echesa and the two white men left the city office, “said Mr. Maiyo.

Defense attorney Evans Ondieki, who was representing Mr. Echesa, asked Mr. Maiyo if he had seen the Sh39.6 billion changed hands at the reception between the white men and his client, whereupon Mr. Maiyo said no.

“Have you seen how Rashid Mohamed Echesa introduced himself to Kozlowski Stanley? Bruno and Mamdough Mostafa Amerlofty as Personal Assistant to the Vice President? ”Asked Mr. Ondieki.

Mr. Maiyo said he did not.

He also said he had Mr. Omondi. not seen, and claimed to Mr Bruno and Mr Amerlofty that he would give them a tender for the delivery, delivery or installation of a security surveillance system.

The security guard said he had later learned that Mr. Echesa had been arrested.

A receptionist in the DP office, Ms. Askar Nyaboke Marigi, 53, told the judge that she was visiting on the ground floor of the Harambee Bring in annex offices.

Ms Nyaboke, who has been working in the office since 2013, said Mr Echesa was a regular visitor to the DP office but had never seen Mr Omondi, Mr. Onyango or Mr. Mboya visit the office.

“This is the first time I’ve seen you in court,” said Ms. Nyaboke.

She added that most of the visitors, mostly high-ranking government officials, hadn’t booked appointments to see the DP.

The process that started on Monday will continue today (Tuesday).

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