Mar 22, 2023

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DCI: David Sankok to be charged with improper storage of firearm after son’s death

Criminal Investigation Department DCI plans to indict Congressman-nominee David Sankok for improperly storing a firearm, although a second autopsy on his son’s body revealed the minor may in fact have shot himself.

< p>A forensic pathology Hillary Memusi Sankok, however, gave different results than Longisa Hospital in Bomet when it performed the first post-mortem on May 3, the day after his death.

On Friday, coroners, including the chief pathologist of the Government, Johansen Oduor, and the head of the homicide squad, Samuel Nyoguto, determined that the bullet entered the left side of the 15-year-old’s head just above the ear and exited the left side.

A Autopsy performed at Longisa Hospital had shown that the bullet had entered through the chin and exited the upper left end of his head at her home in Narok.

The fo Rensian pathology showed yesterday that the 5mm caliber bullet shut down the Kericho High School stud ents skull before getting out.

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Sources at DCI said ballistics analysis of MP’s shotgun showed it fired the bullet that killed Memusi as 8 bullets from the gun were discovered on the boy’s body and at the crime scene.

Crime Scene

The forensic analysis of the gun also discovered the spent cartridge that was in the chamber the shotgun was wedged. CID investigators initially did not find the empty shell at the scene.

“The shotgun is also 69 cm long and shorter than the boy’s left hand, which shows that it is possible to have shot himself.” However, we cannot rule out that someone else shot him.

“His hand has been dusted off and the debris is being examined. If the boy shot himself, the gun should have left some powder marks,” the investigator told Nation.Africa.

Following Friday’s forensic autopsy, Dr. Oduor that the boy had a contact wound, meaning the gun made contact with his head when the trigger was pulled.

“We were able to complete the autopsy and she determined what the first one didn’t had done The initial autopsy only mentioned that it was only one shot and never determined many things such as the type of firearm used, the range and the projectile.”

“An investigation is ongoing at the moment, I have what completed that I should do and after that I will hand the file over to the investigators who will go through the second results to come to their conclusions,” he said, adding that the post-mortem was conducted in the presence of two other doctors represented the family.

The autopsy now opens the crime scene – a room on the first floor of the MP’s house – to the family, and the family has been given the go-ahead to bury the boy.

Narok DCI boss Mwenda Ethaiba said that the autopsy is the last piece left for the investigation, marking the end of the detectives’ field work.

He said that this allows the detectives to look after the Analysis of the samples taken a Ber ot to file and give instructions The matter will take time.

Although the autopsy confirms some testimonies of the witnesses, including family members, it does not absolve the MP as he faces the law for improper firearm storage.

Safe custody

DCI investigators who spoke to Nation.Africa said that immediately after the funeral of his son.


The Firearms Act requires that every registered firearms dealer should maintain a suitable locked storage facility for the safe storage of firearms and ammunition in his possession.

“Each Storage shall be maintained at all times, secure to the satisfaction of the permitting officer and have only one means of entry, which shall be fitted with two locks, the master key of which shall be provided to and retained by the permitting officer,” i m law.

By law, anyone who breaks the law is liable to imprisonment for not more than one year or a fine not exceeding 10,000 Sh, or both.

Planned at home The family of the deceased attended Saturday’s funeral, which is expected to be attended by several leaders, including Deputy President William Ruto.

Family representative Julius Ole Kuyoini said the body was presented to the family and she will proceed with the funeral at her home in Ewaso Ngiro, Narok County.

Elsewhere among the Kericho High School students and teachers profiled Memusi as a disciplined and open-minded boy.

An interview with his teachers and fellow students on Friday painted a picture of a sociable learner who is good with others.

Interestingly, his father also attended the same school.

Dr. Daniel Chelule, the principal of Kericho High School, told Nation.Africa that the deceased had a very gracious personality and that the institution was shocked by the sudden turn of events that led to his death .

“He has generally performed well and achieved a C-plus average grade at the end of the 3rd semester 2021,” said Dr. Chelule.

He said the deceased left the school on the graduation date of March 3, 2021, but did not get in touch on April 26, when the facility opened the doors to the learners for another semester.

As a result, the management of the institution contacted the parents and they (parents) promised to take the student back as soon as possible, which did not happen, but so that the institution would know through the media that the victim killed his life has taken.

The student joined the school on August 2, 2021. Records at the school show his admission number as 13640.

“He was outgoing and always wanted the best for all. He was someone to share your challenges with. The news of his death shocked us,” said a classmate.

Report by Mercy Koskei, Stella Cherono and Vitalis Kimutai