Jan 27, 2023

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DCI Kinoti: Why I want DPP Noordin Haji arrested over forgery

The war between the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has now escalated and gone to court.

DCI boss George Kinoti now wants Nordin Haji is being investigated and prosecuted for alleged perjury and fraud during consultative meetings to formulate policy on terrorism.

In an affidavit from Counter-Terrorism Police Unit Director Martin Otieno, Mr Kinoti alleges that the DPP in organizing a meeting for stakeholders to discuss the revised guidelines on the Terrorism and Terrorist Financing Act, falsified the attendance register to include the names of two detectives who did not attend the meetings, which took place in February and March 2022 /p>

Mr Kinoti is also accusing the DPP of also falsifying said officers’ apartment records in the hotel where the workshop took place chen.

The DCI chief also claims that the consulting expert involved in creating the guidelines was not qualified and that he was chosen because of his relationship with Mr. Haji.

< p>He adds that the composition of the task force was composed of a majority of non-investigative agencies who lacked experience or technical knowledge in investigating terrorism and terrorist financing.

“The interviewee claims that that the country is saturated with a range of experts, including researchers, scholars and security professionals from various fields, who are well versed in terrorism investigation matters,” the affidavit reads, in part.

According to Mr. Kinoti Mr. Haji’s only aim was to deceive Kenyan taxpayers as he could have hired a more qualified expert to value taxpayers profitably and authoritatively h to indicate.

“Hiring said consultant was worthless and a waste of taxpayers’ money, it just meant that respondents managed to mislead the public that an expert was in fact being consulted.”

They say the DPP is hellbent on usurping the mandate of other agencies to the detriment of the best interests of the cou ntry.