Jul 26, 2021

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Detectives yet to interview family in Kangogo death investigation

Interestingly, police have given them the green light to proceed with burial arrangements despite the lingering questions surrounding her death.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) dispatched detectives from Nairobi to investigate the case after her body was found in the bathroom of their home in Anin, Elgeyo Marakwet County.

Kangogo had been on the run for 10 days after the suspected killing of Constable John Ogweno in Nakuru and businessman Peter Ndwiga in Kiambu within 24 hours.

The father, Mr Barnabas Kibor, told the Nation Tuesday that detectives had not returned to the scene since they collected the body.

“No police officer has visited us so far, but we have been given go-ahead to proceed with the burial,” said Mr Kibor.

Her side of story

While he believed Kangogo took her own life, he regretted that she died without giving her side of the story.

“No one has proven that my daughter was behind those murders. No one has said it, because as a family, we were always hopeful that she would come home, so we could find out it if she did it and why,” said Mr Kibor.

Elgeyo Marakwet County Police Commander Patrick Lumumba said the matter was under the DCI.

“They are doing their work and I cannot comment on the matter,” he said.

The county criminal investigations officer Alfred Majimbo, however, declined to update us on the investigations. “We are not allowed to comment on this matter,” he said.

Last moments

Police reports had earlier indicated that detectives had been sent to Iten to trace her last moments.

While Kangogo had allegedly drafted several text messages, saying she wished to be cremated in her wedding gown, the family has made arrangements for a traditional burial as per Kalenjin culture.

“We’ve not seen any detective since Friday. We are ready to volunteer any information. Police have given us the go-ahead to bury her, which will happen on Saturday. A funds drive to meet funeral expenses will be held on Wednesday,” said Mr Robert Kipkorir, the family spokesperson.

They said Kangogo was brought up in a Christian family and would not entertain the idea of cremation, which is rare in the Kalenjin community.

“We haven’t seen the texts she drafted after the phone was taken away by detectives. We shall proceed with a Christian burial,” said Mr Kipkorir.

In the messages, Kangogo wished to be cremated. “To my people, it’s my wedding day. Dress me in a white gown that my husband could not afford.To my parents, I want my body to be cremated to end your suffering. Remember to take good care of my children,” she wrote.


She also alleged that her father had abandoned her and taken sides with her estranged husband, whom she had accused of cheating.

“My divorce pushed me to be inhuman. My father disowned me due to a failed marriage. My husband called my father and my brother to cover up his mistakes and they all fell into his trap.”

She had allegedly plotted to kill the husband, with whom they had two children. “I was in Mombasa to kill you, but I sympathised with the children. I forgave you.”

She claimed Ndwiga had conned her out of Sh1.5 million in a car deal in which she had borrowed Sh300, 000 from her father.

She, however, regretted killing her boyfriend.

“For you Ogweno, our love was made in heaven that’s why since Monday, a day after the incident, you always embrace me with love and forgiveness and tell me it is well with your soul despite living in separate worlds. May our children live in peace, love, forgiveness, success and God-fearing. Rest well and see you soon.”

Disputed theories

Mr Kibor disputed theories that his daughter was murdered and urged anyone with evidence to come forward.

“I do not like it when people go on with these insinuations that she might have been killed. In case you have any evidence she was killed, then come forward and present it. From what I see, this girl, my daughter, took her own life,” he said.

A police report stated: “It is suspected that she might have shot herself using the firearm from below the chin and the bullet exited on the head slightly above the left ear.”

A Ceska, serial number G4670, which was cocked with a magazine loaded with eight rounds of ammunition was recovered at the scene. There was one round in the chamber, one used cartridge and one bullet head.

“She had locked the bathroom from inside. There is no way someone could have brought the body and dumped it in that bathroom, but still have it locked from the inside,” Mr Kibor said.

The family did not see her when she got home, neither did they hear the bullet shot.

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