Jun 18, 2021

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Did Gilgil pastor murder his wife?

The autopsy carried out on Friday, which was testified by the suspect (name withheld), ended up in the cell after the results showed that the victim identified as Jane Cherotich was strangled to death.

The pastor , the head of the Royal Calvary Church in Kongasis, on the outskirts of Gilgil town, had casually walked into the Elementaita Police Station the day before and reported that his wife had committed suicide.

According to Gilgil Sub-County Police Commander John Onditi, the woman was strangled to death last Wednesday evening.

“Preliminary investigations suggest that the suspect may have strangled the woman and then tried to force a toxic pesticide through her mouth”, he told the Nation .

Mr Onditi described the suicide theory as an attempt to hide evidence, with police immediately pouncing on the suspect.

Others Suspect

“He’s in our custody and U Support the police in investigations. He was in the house at the time of the incident, “added the Gilgil police chief.

Mr Onditi said they are also on to two other suspects who are believed to have helped in the killing .

The couple tied the knot at a colorful church wedding more than a decade ago, following the usual rituals in Nairobi.

“I attended the traditional rites and they really seemed to be in love, ”said Benson Ruto, Cherotich’s brother, to the Nation yesterday.

After the marriage, brother and sister went their separate ways and the last time that they met in 2017.

“When I got to their married home, I could sense something was wrong,” he said.

Mr. Ruto attended the autopsy and the Results left him visibly shocked.

Death by strangulation

“My sister never had self-mo rd and had been strangled to death by her assailant using bare hands. The report revealed that she died of a lack of oxygen. “

” She did not take any poison as claimed by her husband. It was a pure murder case. It was a daunting moment. “

Mr. Ruto asked the brother-in-law about the result, but he stayed tight in his lips, the icy moment continued.

He could not, understand any moment that his brother-in-law was the prime suspect.

“He was a gentleman,” he said before saying, “He played a vital role in all family matters. He was the cog in the steering wheel. “

Mr Ruto’s niece, who stayed near the couple’s homestead, claimed the marriage had failed and said the clergyman had begun to abdicate his role and the woman had turned the provider / p>

Family dispute

The incident aroused emotions in the sleepy area of ​​Kongasis. The incumbent boss of Ol Njorai, Parit Sululu, described the incident as “terrible”.

“I was Mr. Sululu was aware of the suicide theory, only to learn later that the mother of three children was strangled” said the administrator.

Mr. Sululu spoke of a marriage argument after the woman learned of her husband’s alleged infidelity, which sparked a bitter disagreement between the two.

“Some villagers have told me in confidence that the pastor had an mpango wa kando (illegal relationship) that led to irreconcilable differences with his wife,” he said the acting chief.

Mr. Sululu described the defendant as a “humble” person who stayed to himself and rarely interacted with the outside world.

“He was a very reserved person and kept his church members company,” added Mr. Sululu added.

Mr Onditi said I was going to be the suspect e charged after the police closed the investigation.

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