Dec 4, 2022

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EACC wants to seize Waititu’s Sh1.9 billion unexplained assets

The Anti-Corruption Commission has filed a lawsuit to recover Shillings 1.94 billion in unaccounted for assets amassed by former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC ) received a report to that effect. The ex-governor, who was impeached by the Senate, had amassed wealth between 2015 and 2020 while he held state office that was out of sync with his known and legitimate sources of income.

Within stated During the period, Waititu served as Kabete MP from 2015 to 2017 and Governor of Kiambu District Government from 2017 to 2020.

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According to the report, Waititu abused his position of trust as a government official by engaging in transactions contrary to the public interest.

“Investigations revealed that Mr. Ferdinand Ndugu Waititu Babayao abused his position of trust as MP for Kabete Constituency and later as Governor – Kiambu County, for private gain by conducting transactions that conflicted with the public interest and amassed wealth that was in was disproportionate to his known legitimate sources of income,” reads part of a brief from EACC.

EACC states that Waititu embezzled public funds through fabricated and fraudulent procurement contracts in which he disguised his private interests in tenders contracted to provide services to the Kiambu County Government.

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“After payment, the contractors transferred the proceeds from the fraudulent procurement contracts en to Mr. Waititu, his wife Susan Wangari and their companies – Saika Two Estates Developers Limited, Bienvenue Delta Hotel and Bins Management Services Limited as bribes,” says EACC.

EACC adds that Waititu, his relatives and companies affiliated with them have accumulated assets of Sh1,937 during the said period ,709,376 with the ex-go vernor amassed Sh928,873,317 and his wife Sh282,871,658 >

According to the Anti-Corruption Commission, Waititu subsequently acquired five luxury motor vehicles, 15 lots and 3 multi-storey buildings in Nairobi CBD to disguise the ill-gotten gains.

< p>EACC also alleges that Waititu “dealed directly with the county through companies acting on its behalf Ms. and her daughter are registered – Suwanga Limited, Connex Logistics Africa Limited and Modiba Management Services Limited.”