Dec 9, 2021

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Family demands justice for defiled girl as suspect roams freely

A flock of chickens is searching for food in an open garden with green banana trees and vegetables in various stages of ripeness.

She is sitting on a stool near a round grass-covered house that serves as the family kitchen is a young girl with a child strapped to their back while taking beans out of their pods to prepare for dinner.

Their physique and age could easily be a first-time visitor to work Deceive that she is either a domestic servant or a child holding her sibling.

But the two-year-old boy in her arms is hers. The mother is a 16-year-old dropout from Standard Eight.

The toddler is the product of a taint that happened two years ago and was not fixed.

Although the matter was two years ago Years ago at the Litein police station – under the incident book (OB) No. 33/26 / 11/2019 – and picked up by the DCI, the police did not take any action against the perpetrator.

The pollution is said to have occurred in the village of Siongi in the region, and the Matt uh is well known.

But the suspect got away scot-free for unexplained reasons, while the victim and child are on their own.

Give up your education

After nine months of pregnancy, she was taken to Kapkatet Sub-County Hospital, where she gave birth to a boy on July 7, 2019 without complications, according to family members who told us the Maternity admission and discharge documents showed.

“We had no dress for the newborn when the mother was released, and we just wrapped it in a scarf and came home, ”said the child’s grandmother in an interview with Nation.Africa at the homestead on Thursday afternoon.

The family spent Sh5,000 in the hospital because they did not have health insurance from the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). About Shill 3,000 was borrowed from a relative and Shill 2,000 came from the savings of the child’s grandmother, who works as a laborer in the neighborhood Faced with the process of raising the child alone.

“I went through a lot in silence and was forced to raise the child alone when I was not ready for parenting,” she said in an interview with long embarrassing Moments of silence were interrupted as she relived her agonizing path as a young mother.

As a result of the pregnancy and childbirth, the young mother had to drop out of her education after taking her Kenya certificate at elementary school examination (KCPE) a local elementary school.

She was enrolled in a day high school for one semester before the Covid-19 outbreak led to the closure of learning facilities.

The teenage girl teaching Wanted to become a woman has changed her dreams and is now focusing on a technical degree for an apprenticeship as a hairdresser when she gets a sponsor who pays for it.

Suspect contamination

“Me am no longer interested in going back to high school for a lot of reasons I may not share with you, “she told Nation.Africa.

” But any other form of education, at that I get employed within a short period of time so that I can earn money to feed and raise my child is an idea I played with even though I don’t have the money for it, ”she said.

The suspect, a Moi University graduate, is believed to be an employee of a financial institution and is said to be known to family and friends of the victim She was born July 30, 2005 and was 14 years old at the time of the attack. She turned 16 this year.

During the interview, the toddler did not leave the mother’s arms because it kept screaming and demanding to be breastfed – a bargain that he paid back in silence. < / p>

The child looked at us suspiciously the whole time and clung to his mother’s chest as if to protect her from possible dangers from the strangers in the room.

The young mother is now working as a tea picker in the neighborhood to take care of her child. Her mother, the boy’s grandmother, has six other children who she has to look after alone.

It is alleged that the suspect exploited the girl and stole her innocence because the family lived in poverty and other challenges they faced afterwards the girl’s parents separated about three years earlier.

Demand for justice

“As a casual worker I earn an average of 100 Shillings of medication for my child” the teenager said.

It is alleged that a relative of the suspect gave the victim Sh1000 a few months after delivery and asked that the matter be kept secret.

A relative of the girl said the family just needed to do justice.

“We are calling on the relevant government agencies to act on the matter and ensure the suspect is treated because I raped a young girl who made pregnant.” ht and didn’t take responsibility for the maintenance, “said the relative at the homestead.

Mr Elisha Kirui, a former boss, was instrumental in bringing the case to the local police station while he was still on duty.

“The matter was reported to the station and the police took a statement from the girl officers. When I retired, no action had been taken and I confirmed today that the file is indeed on the station, ”he said Criminal Investigation Department (DCI) for an information update after the officer got a whiff on Thursday that the media was following the matter.

“I haven’t been with you. the file interacts since I reported to the station earlier this year. But now that we have the OB number, we will go straight to it and find out why the suspect was not arrested to answer for the alleged crime, “said Peter Isanda, Bureti Subdistrict Police Commander Peter Isanda.

< p> The impoverished family cannot pursue the matter further than the report they recorded at the police station, even if, contrary to expectations, they hope that justice will one day be done.