Sep 21, 2021

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Family reveals Orie Rogo Manduli’s last moments

They were grateful that she made a good recovery after being discharged from intensive care at Nairobi Hospital two months ago.

Your children remember an excited manduli that was touched by the move and which she kept talking about.

But something else bothered her.

She wanted to return to her farm in Tondorie in Kitale to monitor the sugar cane harvest.

< p> A taller- Mrs. Manduli was also an accomplished farmer and loved every aspect of it.

“She was a great sugar cane farmer and that was her pride and joy and I’m happy to say that hers Farm is flourishing and flourishing, “her daughter Elizabeth told the nation.

The trip to the farm was supposed to be next month and Elizabeth was given the assignment.

It should never be.

On Wednesday at 3:42 pm, Ms. Manduli, an omnipresent figure who questioned what she believed was wrong, was breathing e one last time after a heart attack.

“She was home to recover after she was discharged from the hospital. Mom has been very ill for a while and was only released from intensive care at Nairobi Hospital two months ago, “said Elizabeth.

A medical team made every effort to resuscitate her. but failed.

At the time of her death, Elizabeth said, Ms. Manduli was still mourning her daughter Alison, who died on January 31, 2020.

“We have a feeling that Alison’s death really challenged her, “said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth described her mother, who became the first woman to compete in the Safari Rally Championship in 1974, as one of a kind. A woman who was ahead of her time, gracious, fearless and godly.

“She was a very loving mother, smart businesswoman, loved her country and politics, and was very strong in the women’s movement,” she said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta mourned the experienced politician and fashion icon as a woman with many premieres and a trailblazer who fought tirelessly for the empowerment of women.

“It is sad and unfortunate that the Death took away Mama Orie Rogo Manduli, one of the most famous, highly charismatic and accomplished politicians in our country. As a courageous leader and mentor, Manduli worked tirelessly for the empowerment of women, “mourned the President.

In his message of condolence to the family, friends and relatives of Manduli, the President said the deceased was a fearless, brave and practical leader who always spoke her mind.

He remembered the exploits of the late Manduli as an athlete and model and said that the Kenyans put their performance as the first African Woman Safari rally driver to life forever will appreciate, an achievement she achieved when she took part in the 1974 edition along with her late co-driver Sylvia Omino.

“The late Orie Rogo Manduli was a woman with many premieres that never came before shied away from exploring new horizons. She took up motorsport and excelled at a time when many African women would never have dared to open the sport to female drivers in later years. At the tender age of 16, still in high school, Manduli won the Miss Kenya beauty pageant. She was just a phenomenal and outstanding pioneer, “said the president.

On her signature clothes and headgear, the head of state said that the late Manduli fully embraced African culture and was a recognized fashion icon and trendsetter.

“Mama Orie Rogo Manduli was a fashion icon whose characteristic clothes with African prints and the prominent headgear made her one of the most famous personalities in Africa,” recalled the president.

The director by The state wished Ms. Orie Rogo Manduli’s family God’s grace, strength and comfort in coping with their sudden death.

Other politicians have sent condolences after the death of the veteran politician.

Siaya Senator James Orengo said Ms. Manduli is a luminary on women’s rights, African fashion, politics, governance and democracy.

“Orie Rogo Manduli will work for im Always remember how complex it was, “he said.

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula mourned Ms. Manduli as a charismatic no-nonsense politician.

” Her passing darkens you bright star that shines far and wide. She was a dedicated member of Ford Kenya. Our entire party brotherhood will miss them. Pole to the family, “Mr. Wetang’ula said in a statement on Twitter.

Transnzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba described Manduli as a brave, focused and passionate political leader.

“She has contributed immensely to rights and the second liberation for this country. She was also an established farmer advocating diversification and mechanized agriculture in the area, “said Khaemba.

The body is in the Lee Funeral Home as the family awaits the funeral.

< Mrs. Manduli was born as Mary Orie Rogo, but changed to Mary Orie Rogo Ondieki after her marriage.

The couple were blessed with three daughters: Elizabeth, Allison and Janice divorced after five years of marriage .

In 1980 she married a Zambia and cousin of former President Frederick Chiluba, Norman Manduli, who was a politician and businessman in Lusaka. He died in 2003.

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