Jan 27, 2023

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Fatal attraction: How teen college student was lured to death by estranged lover

The death of a young Nairobi college student who was seduced on Friday by her boyfriend identified as John Wanyoike, 24, to travel to Kiambu so they can discuss their relationship issues continues to be shrouded in mystery, only to being stabbed and strangled and her body dumped on the side of the road.

Purity Wangechi, 19, a journalism student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication in Nairobi, had fallen out with her boyfriend, whom she had known for six months.

She is said to have previously confronted him on the phone after realizing he was a criminal, detectives at Kiambu Police Station told the Daily Nation.

Deceived, according to police sources Wangechi’s boyfriend, the suspected mastermind behind the murder, pleaded innocence and pleaded with the deceased that it was fair that they meet to resolve their differences.

Detectives believe the deceased is in the area nd was killed by Kiambu and her body was dumped at the Mburiria estate in the same county on Saturday.

Her body She had visible stab wounds, suggesting she may also have been strangled by her killers. Bloodstained bedding and clothing were found at the scene.

Ms. Wangechi left the KIMC on Friday afternoon, only to be killed on Saturday.

Two other suspects were arrested yesterday for their alleged links to the Murder after Ms Wangechi’s estranged lover was arrested on Sunday, leading detectives to his alleged accomplices’ hideout in Kirigiti, Kiambu.

During arrest, a kitchen knife used in the murder discovered.

The other two accomplices in the murder have been identified as Mr. Kanaiya Kamau and Brendan Muchiri.

Police say after the murder; The two co-defendants were called by Mr Wanyoike to help him dispose of the body.

Yesterday, a police source from Kiambu Policve Station, who was involved in the arrests, told the Daily Nation that the trio have been charged will enter Kiambu Law Courts on Monday morning, where the prosecution team will file a separate request for 10-day detention while the investigation continues to decipher whether other suspects were involved in the murder.

“We have the three suspects in custody and they will appear in court tomorrow, where the investigating officer will seek additional days to further investigate the matter and find out if anyone else was involved in the murder,” a police source said confidentially, as he is not authorized to speak to the media .
When contacted, Mohamud Badel of Kiambu OCPD declined to comment.

“She confronted him about it, which resulted in a misver understanding between them. Little did she know, however, that her lover was determined to cover his tracks by eliminating her,” the DCI said.

Ms. Wangechi’s body is being held at the city morgue awaiting an autopsy.


In recent years, Kiambu County has emerged as a murder capital, where cases of hit-and-run, business gone awry, love triangles and family squabbles have resulted in people being killed and their bodies dumped in thickets, nearby rivers or roadsides .

Earlier this year, Esther Wambui, 18, was found murdered and her body dumped in a sack in a suitcase along Thika Road. Preliminary investigations into her murder pointed to a possible love triangle

In January last year, Lawrence Warungu, 25, then a student at a local university, brutally murdered his father, Nicholas Njoroge Warunge, his mother, Ann Wanjiku, and his adoptive nephew, Maxwell Njenga , brother Christian Njenga Njoroge and farmhand James Kinyajui Wambaa in Karura Village, Kiambaa, Kiambu County.