Feb 7, 2023

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Fatal attraction: Nyeri nurse fell in love with her patient, then he killed her

Nearly 20 years ago, Lydia Nyaguthii, a nurse at Tumutumu PCEA Hospital in Nyeri County, was caring for a male patient who had been the victim of domestic violence.

Mr Stephen Muriithi was then driven to the hospital by scalded his wife with hot water. The assault case was tried in a court in Karatina, but later dropped under unclear circumstances and the suspect released.

In the hospital, Muriithi met Nyaguthii and had a second chance at love. After three months of interacting with Muriithi, Nyaguthii’s tender care turned to love. They married shortly after he was discharged from the hospital and lived happily ever after.

In the two decades since then their love seems to have turned sour at some point, and the man Nyaguthii nursed and his Wounds – both physical and emotional – that she helped to heal turned against her.

Last Friday, Nyaguthii’s life was ended in a gender-based violence case, allegedly by a victim of the same vice – her husband of 20 years ago.

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Muriithi is said to have stabbed multiple times attacked her with a knife in her home, killing her instantly. He is on the run and the police have launched a manhunt.

While her body lies in a Karatina morgue, residents of Unjiru village in Mathira West Subdistrict, relatives and friends of the couple are shocked.


As the nation visited the village on Sunday, neighbors were still trying to come to terms with the tragic turn of events, with some describing Muriithi, a freelance photographer, as “reserved and relaxed”. Man.

“Muriithi, or Abbas as we called him, has been a close friend of mine for a long time, but it was very difficult to understand him as he kept his domestic affairs to himself. He looked upset, but he didn’t tell us what was going on,” said Mr. Joseph Weru, a health officer.

Mr. Weru said he met Nyaguthii when she was leaving work minutes after 5 p.m went home. In less than 30 minutes, someone called him to report the tragic incident.

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“The couple are my neighbors and very close family friends. I met Lydia coming home from work on that fateful day and she seemed in a hurry so we didn’t talk much. However, a few minutes after we broke up, I got the call. When I got to the scene of the crime, I found her in a pool of blood. It was very shocking,” he said.

A freelance photographer, David Gikandi, said, “I have been associated with Abbas as a colleague for a long time and have always known him as a very humble person. When I first heard the news, I couldn’t believe it.”

To her friends, work colleagues, and villagers, Nyaguthii was the epitome of humility – a kind and loving woman.

“ I know her as a very kind person. I remember once taking my sick father to Tumutumu Hospital. She was always willing to help,” said Mr. Michael Ngatia, a local boda boda operator.

Family members were reluctant to provide information about the relationship between the two, saying police should allow the takeaway Investigations underway.

Mathira West Police Commander Michael Ndegwa said Criminal Investigation had taken over the alleged murder but as of yesterday no arrests had been made.

He said Nyaguthii was tragic end is an example of the endemic domestic violence in Kenyan households as the number of marriage deaths continues to rise.