Feb 4, 2023

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Ferdinand Waititu on EACC radar again over mystery Sh2bn wealth

The Anti-Corruption Inspectorate has filed a new case to recover nearly Sh2 billion in unsolved assets from former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, who is fighting a case involving theft of public funds and abuse of office.

The case has also exposed the speed at which Mr Waititu’s fortune has accumulated since he rejoined Parliament in 2015 and became governor in 2017. He was ousted by MCAs in 2020 following an impeachment. EACC says he’s multiplied his fortune 17-fold in five years. In a new case brought by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), the government is trying to get back homes, vehicles and money in banks owned by Mr Waititu, his wife Susan Wangari and their three trading companies.

< p >The trading companies are listed as Saika Two Estate Developers Limited, Bienvenue Delta Hotel and Bins Management Services Limited. The commission says the pair own Sh1,937,709,376 worth of unaccounted for assets, which Mr Waititu amassed from 2015 when he was MP for Kabete to 2020 when he was governor. The quickly built empire includes real estate, luxurious vehicles and money transacted through bank accounts. He was MP for Kabete from 2015 to 2017 and governor from 2017 to 2020.

According to the EACC, Mr Waititu’s earnings from salaries and legitimate business during the period were not allowed to exceed Sh110 million. This means he has made 17 times more wealth in less than five years.

The Commission’s investigation found that Mr Waititu’s wealth from known legitimate sources of income during the period under review amounted to a net salary of amounts to Sh 29,514,080 while he earned a net income of Sh 81,366,610 from his legitimate businesses.

When asked about the source of the wealth, EACC said the couple did not explain. On September 9, 2021, the Commission announced that it had issued notices to the couple and the companies to explain the discrepancy between their assets and known legitimate sources of income.

“They have not disclosed any to the EACC to date Statement of their sources of wealth, despite their requests for an extension of time and the return of documents obtained during the search to enable them to do so,” says EACC Attorney Jacky Kibogy. that the court bar the couple and their agents from dealing with the property. Court documents show that from 2015 to 2020, Mr. Waititu amassed wealth at odds with his known and legitimate sources of income. EACC noted that during this period he maintained eight bank accounts and one loan account in his name.

< p>Mr Waitutu purchased five luxury automobiles, 15 properties including in upscale suburbs of Runda, Migaa and Thindigua, and three multi-story buildings in Nairobi city centre.

EACC alleges that Mr. Waititu abused his position of trust as a public official for private gain, engaging in transactions that conflicted with the public interest and amassing wealth, by engaging in schemes to embezzle public funds through fictitious and fraudulent procurement contracts.

The assets that EACC owns include multi-storey commercial buildings in Nairobi’s CBD, such as that owned by Mr Waititu for Sh200 million Bought the Jamii Bora Building, the Delta Hotel (Sh380 million), Biashara Shopping Mall (Sh110 million), a house in Runda (Sh30 million) and Runda Grove (Sh96 million). onen Shh).

They own other multi-million shilling properties and buildings across the Nairobi metropolis.

EACC says this is among the questionable properties owned by Mr Waititu personal 10 land parcels are in Nairobi’s Kayole (two parcels), Thindigua (two parcels), Embakasi Ranching (two parcels), Runda Grove, Migaa Estate, Lakisama and Kencom Sacco-Runda.

You are rated 280, 5 million shillings. The two plots of land in Kayole, valued at Sh20 million, were registered in the names of Mr Waititu and two minors – E.N. and O.W.

The commission is also questioning the acquisition of five vehicles, all registered in his name. There are two Toyota Land Cruisers, a Toyota Double Cabin, a Toyota Probox and a Toyota Vitz. EACC is also targeting a sum of Sh804.6 million in its seven bank accounts.

EACC also discloses his wife’s ownership of four properties in Kajiado and Kabete valued at Sh19 million and a vehicle with whom she works. owns with Ekeza Savings. Also in the list is 276.2 million Shsh in their three bank accounts. The wife is also the sole owner of two companies – Suwanga Limited and Connex Logistics Africa Limited that traded with the Kiambu government and received Sh$16,423,418.

The other trading companies also have uncleared assets. For example, Saika Two Estate Developers Limited owns five commercial buildings in Nairobi CBD – Bienvenue Delta Hotel, Biashara Street, Jamii Bora Building, Solar House (partly paid for by Mr Waititu) and another unnamed. The company bought the houses between February 2017 and March 2018. It also has Sh164 million in its bank accounts. The Bienvenue Delta Hotel is worth Sh67.6 million, according to the EACC.

The legitimate deals include rental income from Lexo Energy Kenya Limited on a leased property, which owns shares in Homeway Poultry Farm Limited and Total Kenya Limited on a leased property Lot Light are Industry Kayole Shopping Center and from a godown in Kayole by the Meru Central Dairy Co-operative Union. Also included in the list are rental income from the Kayole Junction property and the Njiru well, as well as properties in Umoja Caltex known as Reliance House embezzle public funds through fictitious and fraudulent procurement contracts. By abusing his position of trust, he has concealed or otherwise disguised his private interest in contracts with companies commissioned to provide services,” says EACC.