Dec 4, 2022

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Fidel Odinga’s widow gets control of estate in Raila family property fight

The legal dispute over control of the estate of Fidel Odinga, son of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga, was settled with his widow gaining full control of three properties including a villa in Karen .


The widow, Lwam Getachew Bekele, will hold the remainder of the estate in trust including cash in eight bank accounts, two cars, a piece of land in Kisumu and two investment firms for the benefit of her minor son.

< p>This means that she cannot sell the assets and income from the properties, and any balances in accounts can only be used for the benefit of the minor – such as school fees, medical expenses, holiday expenses and clothing.

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Mr. Odinga’s son, Raila Odinga Junior, was appointed co-executor of the estate along with Ms. Bekele, hot t it in the out-of-court settlement.

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The deal inked by Odinga’s wife, Ida, and her daughter-in-law, Ms Bekele, have ended a vicious court battle that threatened to give Kenyans a glimpse into the Odinga’s jealously guarded family and business secrets.

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