Oct 19, 2021

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Former atheist in crisis of faith after ‘finding Jesus’

He arguably became the youngest apostate when he quit the Atheists in Kenya Society, where he served as general secretary for about two years, and said he had found Jesus Christ and was no longer interested in promoting atheism .

Interestingly, when announcing his resignation, the Society’s President, Harrison Mumia, wished Mahiga “the best with his newly discovered Lord Jesus Christ”. The statement sounded sarcastic to some Kenyans on social media because the group is not religious and does not believe in the existence of Jesus or any deity.

The Sunday Nation tried to understand the world of Mahiga, the avowed theologian. And as he sits across from the table in one of the Nation Media Group’s boardrooms, he looks like a geek. He’s an investigative spirit, hard to tickle and kind of narcissistic by his admission.

Raised a Christian in Jehovah’s Witness church in his home in Kaimosi, Vihiga district, Mahiga traveled the world for study and realized that he was amazed at the popularity of atheism.

In countries like Belgium he began to notice that morality was not necessarily based on religion or spirituality.

“I was in Belgium, Norway , Holland and Switzerland, where people are not religious but disciplined and straightforward. My friends always wondered why my country is one of the most religious in Africa, but there is so much crime, corruption, disorganization and uncleanliness, ”he recalls.

Back then, almost a decade ago, it was his religious skepticism set in. The medical technician, who is now engaged in investigative journalism, began doing research on atheism and other aspects of religion.

Damascus moment

And as the society of atheists in Kenya for the post of Secretary-General vacant, he threw his hat into the ring, faced a jury of about ten and convinced them that he would change the organization with his wide view of the world.

And thanks to the recognition of his president, Mahiga did so An excellent job of mobilizing the 5,000 registered members to the common community and taking minutes of their meetings, which were held weekly in person, with others participating virtually.

He also coordinated the group’s engagements with partners such as Humanist Internatio and Donors locally and worldwide.

In society, members mainly engaged in humanitarian activities such as feeding the needy and educating the K in the less fortunate.

“Atheists are not of special beliefs. They believe in scientific research and practical ways of solving problems that affect society. They accommodate the various scientific positions of the members, ”explains the married father.

What exactly was the Damascus moment for the religious skeptic? His response has been overwhelming, but you have no choice but to buy it as only your newfound Jesus can search your heart.

Mahiga says he stopped because he finished his research on atheists what the main reason for joining was initially because of the organization.

“I couldn’t continue working with them because my journey of discovery took me to a place of transition,” he said.

Faith in Jesus Christ

He also says that he never lost his faith in Jesus. All along he believed deep down in the biblical creation story of God in the book of Genesis and the final resurrection of all in new bodies in the time of judgment and the enjoyment of the eternal glory of God in heaven for the righteous as sinners burn in hell.

The fruits of his research, he says, will be manifested in the planned publication in December of two books to explain what atheism entails.

That calls for another Question; Was he a mole in society? He answers the opposite. He says it is morally okay to dive into the organization for research purposes.

“I wasn’t an atheist per se. I was an atheist. People confuse agnostics (doubt the existence of supernatural beings), atheists (believe with certainty that there is no supernatural being) and theists (believe in supernatural beings), ”he explained.

After his revelation The president of the atheists said their main challenge was to find modalities to determine whether the new members are really infidels as they claim.

“The reason for his departure is that life an atheist was hollow and he sought fulfillment in Jesus. It could also be that he was here to do some research, we can’t quite be certain as he claimed to be an atheist, “Mumia told the Sunday Nation on the phone.

< For Mahiga, curiosity is part of his DNA and religion is his favorite subject. Growing up, he attended Kaimosi Primary, then Muhila Secondary in his home country, before graduating from the University of Nairobi with a Diploma in Laboratory Technology Science. He then graduated from Gaborone University in Botswana before moving to Belgium.

“I question everything. When I meet pastors, I ask about a deacon qualification. The Bible clearly says it should be someone with a woman, but some churches disagree, “he said.

Satanic Cult

Accession to atheism did not go down well with some family members and friends, some of whom have severed ties with him. However, he insists that their reaction is influenced by the generally negative attitudes towards irreligion in Kenya.

Few bought his statement that he was there for research purposes. Others said he had joined Illuminati, a satanic cult. But serving every deity is what atheists abhor, he reminded them. “People sometimes think I’m crazy,” he said of his religious point of view. “You were happy when I resigned. They called to congratulate me. ”

On May 30th, one of his friends greeted him in a church where he spoke briefly about his life for the first time. In the 30-second video of a sermon broadcast on Elevate Television, Mahiga revealed that he had gone through several difficulties in life that prompted him to bend his knee and confess that Jesus is Lord. p>

“Some of” I had some difficulties in life these days, then I decided to resign as secretary, “Mahiga said to the applause of the assembly.

When we asked him what difficulties he went through, said he simply replied that he suffered from a troubled conscience.

Mahiga is now in a crisis of faith. After leaving atheism, he is at a crossroads that he calls a difficult transition. He does not want to return to Jehovah’s Witnesses, nor has he chosen a particular church to worship in.

All he knows is that it is time to continue researching religion . His search and research continues.